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  • Work Order Management
  • Customer Database
  • Warranty & Claims
  • Payments (Optional)
  • Network Profile Management
  • Estimates & Invoices
  • Responsive Interface
  • work-order-management

    Work Order Management

    Manage COD and warranty jobs in one application

    Create, schedule, and assign work orders optimally in three easy steps

    View and track work order status’ in real-time on calendar and maps

    Attach notes, comments, files, and media information for field techs

  • customer-database

    Customer Database

    Store customer information in one place

    Automatically create a new customer contact with a quotation request

    View history of past customer service events

    Attach and view estimates, invoices, and paymentsee

  • warranty-&-claims

    Warranty & Claims

    Ability to manage COD and warranty jobs in one application

    Earn more by creating, managing, and running COD jobs

    Receive OEM, TPA, and Home warranty jobs from the ServicePower network

    Directly file claims and get paid for completed warranty jobs

  • payments

    Payments (Optional)

    Accept Payments anywhere – onsite, email/text, phone, or through the Customer Portal

    Next Day Funding to increase cash flow with the shortest cut-off times

    Support for ACH and Check Processing to accommodate customer preferences

    Legally share your credit card processing costs with your customers

  • profile-management

    Network Profile Management

    Publish availability, skills, industry, capacity, product, or brand exception, and more

    Visualize and fine-tune geographic area coverage using color-coded maps

    Reserve capacity based by preferred networks to optimize performance

    Review and adjust performance based on metrics, scores, and surveys.

  • estimates-invoices

    Estimates & Invoices

    Create itemized estimates and invoices from the office or in the field.

    Create customized pricing and offers based on specific criteria

    Collect payments using cards, checks, and pay-by-link with payment processing

    Payment status tracking for an open and overdue outstanding invoice

  • mobility-Mar-12-2021-10-00-42-77-PM

    Responsive Interface

    Drives Business Productivity in the office and in the field

    Loads fast across all platforms

    Ability to use the product on various devices with a consistent experience

    No need to download, install or update applications

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