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Warranty and COD Jobs

  • A single application to simultaneously manage warranty & COD jobs
  • Earn more by creating, managing , and running your own COD jobs
  • Receive OEM, TPA and Home warranty jobs from the ServicePower network
  • Directly file claims and get paid for completed warranty jobs

Customer Database

  • Single location to store customer contact information
  • Automatically create new customer with quotes
  • Historical view of service requests, jobs and track updates
  • Attach and view estimates, invoices and payments

Work Order Management

  • Single App to simultaneously manage COD and Warranty Jobs
  • Create and assign work orders on-the-go or in the office with easy workflows
  • View and track work order status’ in real-time on calendar and maps
  • Attach notes, comments, files, and media information for field techs

Job Scheduling, Assignment and Dispatching

  • Simple Gantt based scheduling with technician availability and capacity
  • Assign the right technician to the right job with intuitive scheduling
  • Assign jobs to your team based on current location with real-time dispatching
  • View assigned and unassigned jobs in maps based on customer and technician location

Service Quoting / Estimates, Invoicing and Payments

  • Create itemized estimates and invoices from the office or in the field.
  • Create customized pricing and offers based on specific criteria
  • Payment collection using cards, checks, and pay-by-link with payment processing
  • Payment status tracking for open and overdue outstanding invoice

Inventory and Parts Management

  • Maintain and monitor accurate measure of inventory and spares
  • Item usage history and audit trail history
  • Access and use inventory and spares from mobile devices in the field
  • Seamless technician to technician parts transfers

Technician Mobility

  • Compatible with all mobile devices
  • Support for technician job workflow
  • Integrated with mapping applications for navigation
  • Timesheets with check-in, check-out and breaks
Integration Ready
integration-simage@2x integration-simage@2x-1

  • Automatically receive jobs from warranty job networks
  • Built with API-first approach for platform extensibility
  • Integrate with a variety of apps, systems, and devices—in the cloud or on-premise 
  • Full two-way sync with QuickBooks Online
Cloud Ready
cloud-simage@2x cloud-simage@2x-1

  • Cloud-based solution that can be accessed from the road, office or home
  • Monthly or annual subscription licensing
  • Frequent, transparent and free updates
  • Cloud security to protect your data from data breaches and cyber-attacks

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