In today’s environment where rising overhead costs, showrooming and shrinking margins are the most important issues of the day, retailers shouldn’t have to focus on managing installation and repair networks.

According to Aberdeen the top 3 field service complaints, are waiting too long for an appointment, field techs arriving late, and lack of first time resolution.

ServicePower can provide the platform to help you achieve best in class service, and build brand loyalty, cradle to grave, for all product purchases.

ServiceScheduling provides optimized appointment booking for all field based resources. Schedule deliveries, installations or repairs from your website, call center, store location or field mobile devices, in real time, to the best possible field tech for the job.

ServiceScheduling ensures the right field resource is booked, while intelligently scheduling the right tools, parts or product accessories to ensure fast job completion and higher first time fix rates.  Satisfied customers buy more product and recommend your products and services to their ever widening social networks.

ServiceMobility and ServiceGPS ensure you know what going on in the field, and also enable you to fully mobilize field resources, so that new work can be quoted, accessories can be sold and satisfaction surveys are conducted on the spot, no matter what device your technician is carrying today.

ServiceOperations and ServiceMarket provide contracted or on demand 3rd party resources to fill in the gaps your own employee or dedicated contactor networks can’t.

Our planning, forecasting and analytics tools help ensure the right mix of resources, where demand requires they be located, while managing productivity, costs, margin, cycle time and customer satisfaction.

Focus on selling, not managing field techs. Learn how ServicePower can help you achieve best in class services for all of your consumers, no matter how they buy, click here.