Professional services are just that at ServicePower. Expert services provided by our seasoned team of consultants.

Our team of mobile workforce management software experts work with your team to implement your project on time and on budget. Using best practices and industry KPIs, we help ensure that the software does what you expect it to do.

But what happens next?

Our workforce management strategy consultants help your field service organization identify the right key performance indicators needed to monitor your field technicians and your operation. We will help you determine if you’re meeting them. And, if not, we’ll engage our mobile workforce management experts to analyze your business, recommend changes and help you implement them to improve your operations and delight your customers.

We offer three specific strategic services tailored to your field service organization.

Workforce Benchmarking Analysis

Our experts benchmark best practices and metrics within your industry or across industries to provide a comparison to other field service operations. We then help you understand if you have people, process, or technology gaps to address to achieve best in class field service.

Business Process Improvement

Often the output of a Workforce Benchmarking Analysis, we apply 6 Sigma process improvement techniques to your business and recommend changes that will improve your operations. We can also help design new processes or implement change if you need experts to fill gaps on your team.

Workforce Management Business Case Development

ServicePower can help you build a business case to secure the support and funding need to deploy our mobile workforce management software so that your operation too can benefit from our best in class scheduling optimization and mobile workforce management solution to help you improve your KPIs.

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