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ServicePower’s intelligent Consumer Engagement solution offers your customers instant job scheduling to your integrated mobile workforce. Real-time job status, technician location, and two-way communications improve visibility throughout the service lifecycle.

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Improve service delivery and capture new revenue with the only intelligent  customer engagement solution!


Who is this solution for?

ServicePower's Customer Engagement solution can be leveraged by any customer-centric organization driven to increase the value of each customer engagement.

With the latest in self-scheduling and location-based technology, ServicePower enables your customers to access a ready-to-deploy web portal to schedule work, communicate with technicians and field workers and monitor their progress.

"Research confirms that customer-centric companies achieve higher organic growth rates and lower costs.”

Steven A. Kandarian CEO

Improve the Customer Experience

Integrated to our field service management suite, our intelligent Customer Engagement solution allows you to theme the portal with custom message & status, logos, colors & fonts to reflect your brand so that your customers can self-schedule appointments with the best tech for their job, upload images, view status of their technician, manage changes and configure and receive alerts and notifications.


Increase Visibility

Our Customer Engagement solution enables customers to view job status, view technician location, and communicate with mobile teams in real-time.



Increase Revenue

ServicePower’s Customer Engagement solution drives new revenue with real-time contract and service offers which can be purchased online. 

ServicePower's Customer Engagement Solution offers:


A branded customer web portal offering a personalized experience.

customer-engagement--Entitlement logic consistent with your business rules

Entitlement logic consistent with your business rules.

Scheduling to your credentialled, integrated workforce.

Self-service appointment booking from any device.


Real-time customer to tech communication flow.


Configurable minimum cancellation and rescheduling rules.


Configurable technician location alerts and notifications.


Overflow booking to ServicePower’s managed network.

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