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How to Improve Your Service Dispatch Process


They field service requests, route your technicians to the correct job site, and handle communication between your techs and the home office. And their duties don’t stop there - your dispatch team plays an integral role in managing customer expectations, and ensuring accuracy on-site. So what happens when your dispatch team’s communication methods are outdated and inefficient? The result could mean more than poor customer satisfaction and escalated job costs, it could mean losing out on more client opportunities and growth. Here’s how to upgrade your service dispatch process and get the edge on your competition:

Get rid of paper work orders and adopt technology.

A huge problem with paper work orders is that there are too many touch points. A single work order could pass through multiple managers before being approved, therefore increasing the possibility of losing vital client and job information. Additionally, paper orders entered into a traditional database are difficult for drivers to edit en route, which means missing out on the most recent job updates.

Identify opportunities for improvement.

Making the switch to new technology can be a big commitment. Research dispatch software to see which one will fill the gaps in your team’s processes. Involve your employees in the search for technology by asking them about problems they encounter on a day to day basis. This will help you determine the right technology based on your current KPIs. Once you find software that fills your needs, encourage employee training on-site that covers how to properly implement your new technology. Consider training a small group of high performing technicians and have them train larger groups to promote and foster communication and teamwork in the workplace.

Add as much meaningful data as possible.

Dispatch software is only as good as the data you input. Add as much information about the client, the job, and resources available. Software that tracks employees and sends updates based on location and job progress eliminates the need to constantly monitor your employees and field staff. You won’t need to constantly check in to see how they are doing on the job which will empower them and allow them to “own” their work in the field.

Optimizing Dispatch & Servicing

The right mobile technology is increasingly valuable not only for your field technicians, but for your dispatch team, and could make all the difference to your bottom line. ServicePower provides small business solutions that will help you get the edge on your competition and give your employees the necessary information to improve their skills and service in the field. Cut costs, improve your first time fix rate, and reduce job inaccuracies with ServicePower.

Source: Nexus Blog

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