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shutterstock_115269901.jpgDoes your business have a lot of employees who work out in the field? Many companies do, because there are so many jobs that can only be done right in person. These hard working consultants, inspectors, in-home tutors, rotating managers, installation specialists, construction teams, and repairmen (to name only a few) go out every day to remote work sites, properties, or customer homes to do things that can't be done over the phone or even with video chat.

Because each of your field agents needs to be both independently capable and very well trained, often training occurs with a mentor program, one of the earliest forms of peer learning. During this process, the new agent goes out with an experienced mentor and essentially watches them do the job while getting interspersed advice on how to handle situations that vary from those they see during training. This is a great system, but it could be better!

A Convenient Method for Busy Mentors

Your field agents are busy. They need to be on their toes and ready to handle any kind of situation that comes up, often without the option to call in a manager for immediate assistance. This also means that they cannot always be available to help a recent mentee with a problem they're not sure how to handle. With recorded video lessons, your experienced field agents can put together a few words of advice each evening at the end of their work day, without having to take time away from their important field tasks. These valuable training videos can be sent to new agents, who can then reference them when they need a little extra advice without having to call for backup.

Building a Comprehensive Field Training Video Guide

Once you've got experienced field agents logging video advice about how to be an amazing agent, why ever stop? Whether or not you've currently got new trainees, ask your old hands to cover the gambit of standard procedures to the craziest things they've ever had to deal with and how to handle it all like a pro. With even a few minutes of recorded video a week, you'll soon have a spectacular archive of advice on how to be the best real estate agent, in-home tutor, or traveling inspector yet in existence. Then, when you do have trainees, give them access to the archive. Run them through the standard procedure videos and let them explore the extra fun stuff for an incredibly thorough education. Even better, when they need help or advice in the field, they can simply search the archive by topic to find a video of one of your pros explaining how to handle the situation.

Choosing Your Platform

The best part about video peer learning is that you don't need one particular platform or another. There are services that specialize in peer videos, but Skype, an equivalent, or even a simple recording and sharing software will work just fine. All you need is the ability to record videos at a workstation or with a mobile device and share them with the team. This opens up the expertise of all your field service professionals to new team members in training, to each other, and (if you want) to the industry as a whole.

You may be surprised how much fun your agents have making video recordings of their experiences, methods, and off-hand advice on how to handle everything from standard procedure to that time they had to put out a fire in a client's kitchen before closing a sale. With this kind of personal, comprehensive training available to them, your new hires will have an amazing leg up on even the most closely mentored trainees taught by a single person over a few days. 

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