Reflections and Notes from InnovationPower 2014 | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

As the rooms fell silent after our recent customer event – InnovationPower – I took some time to reflect on where ServicePower is as a business – where we are now and where we once were -, the positive comments our customers are making, and the difference we make in the overall market where the pace of technology is fast, and so therefore is the pace of change within field service. Our very deep enterprise experience across large enterprises and with all major ERP and CRM solutions differentiates ServicePower, against even the technologies taken in-house by the likes of Oracle and SAP.

Today, the field service leader position really requires the vendor to be able to handle predictive intelligence, conditional scheduling, have a solid mobility product and do intraday optimization rather than only batch optimization. Intra-day and real-time optimization have been increasingly demanded from the market for many years. And yet, ServicePower remains one of the few vendors who can really handle this as a standard part of our products. Too many vendors still believe that automating the scheduling process by simply assigning a service event into an existing gap on the schedule is sufficient. It isn’t and this approach creates a very limited ROI.


What matters – execution.  We are in an industry, field service, where it is all about execution.  Service excellence only is possible when a job gets done, ideally the first time.


How many times do we see people around us procrastinating, not showing up on time, having the wrong tools for the job?


Hospitality and Field Service – A Match Made in Heaven? | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

As the CEO of a global software company, travel naturally comes with the job. And with extensive travel comes extensive experience with the hospitality industry.

In my travels, both for business and leisure, I have been


Be a Driving Force of Innovation and Inspiration | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

At the bottom line, field service is important because it touches customers’ lives. At ServicePower, we care not only about our customers, but about the customers of our customers as well. It is our goal to implement software solutions that not only drive the bottom line, but also delight and inspire. Our field service solutions are built to truly innovate the service industry, starting with the consumer.


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Some know that I grew up in Montana and Wyoming on cattle ranches and came at 17 to the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service because I knew I wanted an international career. I thought I would be a corporate lawyer and instead after a great year at the London School of Economics finished with an International Economics and Finance concentration instead.