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Hospitality and Field Service – A Match Made in Heaven?

As the CEO of a global software company, travel naturally comes with the job. And with extensive travel comes extensive experience with the hospitality industry.

In my travels, both for business and leisure, I have been

 very fortunate to have stayed in elite hotels all over the world in wonderful places, but I have also had a few experiences where I wish I’d brought a sleeping bag and tent along with me instead.  One of these infamous stays was at a rat trap hotel in the middle of nowhere in Oregon (that I will leave unnamed,) and I had a similar experience while staying at a hotel during a horse show in Virginia. On the other end of the spectrum, I have stayed at some fabulous places in leading destinations that I never wanted to leave. 

Internationally, it gets even more interesting when you experience highlights like Hotel Hassler in Rome, the Mandarin Oriental in Miami, the Ritz Carlton in Dubai, and many others that are a treat.  But traveling isn’t always so glamorous; in the late 1990s I was supposed to travel to Georgetown, Guyana, and I was warned that there wasn’t a bridge across the river so it would require a boat to cross, and that I’d be lucky to find a hotel at all with reliable electricity and hot water.  But no matter where in the world I have travelled, and what hospitality experience I faced, one thing has always been clear, cleanliness, décor, and location aside: a good hotel experience always comes down to the way the place is run. And it has also become very evident that running a place where you can lay your head at night is challenging and perhaps at times even overwhelming.

Facility management, especially in the hospitality industry, requires excellent juggling skills. Managing your customers, assets and employees and finances requires streamlined and efficient business processes. In a 24-hour a day, 365 days a year industry, where your doors never close, how do you manage operations, schedule shifts, and ensure upkeep after continuous wear and tear all while keeping your customers and employees happy and your operating costs down? Unfortunately, it is well known that the hospitality industry often has a reputation for bad pay, and poor working hours and conditions so how can this perception be shifted without being detrimental to employees and hotel guests?

The smartest facility managers implement software solutions that drive their key initiatives, provide them with a future competitive edge and deliver on customer and employee demands. They also recognize that even an all-encompassing solution may leave them with critical gaps in their ever essential processes therefore the most successful organizations adopt a variety of solutions to meet their ever growing needs to keep their doors open, the lights running, and employees arriving on shift, and the customers coming back.

The worst experience I ever had in terms of security implications was staying in a hotel where they were apparently doing renovation without telling the guests.  I came back from a dinner to find the door handle apparatus in my room missing, the door open, and a technician nowhere to be found!  While I did have my wallet with me, my luggage, computer, everything was there inside the room with the door wide open and no security.  Needless to say, someone came quickly when I called the front desk, the door locking apparatus was replaced, the technician was found (he had left to get a part), and after an hour, I could move on with my day.  Fortunately, nothing was stolen, but it was only by luck, not planning.

Field service management fills a unique gap in the hospitality and general facilities management industry and it is often overlooked because the use of the word “field” can be somewhat misleading because one can argue that there’s nothing happening in the field as it’s usually a building or complex.  There’s no street-based routing required but jobs still appear unexpectedly, emergencies happen, and other maintenance work is planned.  You still need to manage the use of people’s time and parts, and have them assigned to the right place at the right time.  It’s all about providing the best service possible.

Whether managing internal employees or contracted third parties, upkeep is far more efficient when field service management is involved. Include the added element of M2M technology, and you fulfill the dream of any operations manager.  Finally a way to have complete visibility of all your rooms, and all your assets, to ensure complete functionality and security.

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