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Is The Real Superhero Your Field Technician?


What do Batman, Iron Man, and your field techs have in common? While your field techs don’t exactly defeat super villains or drive cool gadget cars, they share a few similarities. Besides being in the right place at the right time, they have all overcome career obstacles and use smart technology to fight crime (or repair broken elevators) to become the heroes you admire.

Superskills, not Superpowers.

Your field techs might not have superpowers that enable them to fly, but they do have other valuable “superskills”. Your field techs use their product knowledge and communication skills to build trust with their customer. They can quickly assess any situation to determine the best course of action, whether that be sending for additional resources or more parts. And they use their laser focus to concentrate on the needs of the customer so they know exactly what to upsell in the future.

They are there when you need them. No bat-signal required.

When you need assistance, your service techs immediately equip themselves with an arsenal of high tech tools. They use work order management tools to foresee customer location, needs, and service call history even before they get to the job. And while they may not have super speed, mobile dispatch tools and geolocation help your techs get to the job as efficiently as possible and allow them to communicate in real-time back to HQ.

Every hero has a journey.

A field tech’s saga usually doesn’t include warding off evil or fighting typical comic villains. Instead, a technician’s journey is more of a learning curve as they overcome obstacles in the field such as changing customer needs and natural disasters. These obstacles become surmountable only when a tech becomes adaptable during the unexpected, and when they are equipped with the right training and technology. Only then will they become the real service heroes.

Your heroes are closer than you think, whether they are using speed and agility to complete a job on schedule or battling past career obstacles. Your field techs use their special abilities to create solutions for your customers and to set the bar for consistent superior service. Looking for heroes in your service organization? ServicPower can help you create some of your own by equipping your techs with software that enables them to become more efficient, mobile, and intuitive. Check out ServicePower for more features!

Source: Nexus Blog

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