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ServicePower HUB: Parts Ordering Made Simple

ServicePower HUB: Parts Ordering Made Simple

In the field service industry, availability of spare parts is critical to completing work orders quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, for small- to medium-sized service providers, managing parts ordering can be a hassle. Finding the right replacement part and placing the order can be a lengthy process that gobbles up time and requires out-of-pocket cash. Reconciling the upfront costs with the customer billing is a step that often gets postponed or put into the “get-around-to-it-someday” stack of annoying accounting tasks.

Small repair and service shops often excel at hands-on repairs but struggle with administrative tasks, like parts ordering and invoicing. A part-time bookkeeper may be relegated to the difficult job of organizing handwritten workorders, deciphering post-it notes with parts numbers, finding UPS delivery receipts, and sorting shipping statements from various suppliers. In the worst-case scenario, the technician makes calls about parts from the service truck and scribbles notes on the back of fast-food bags, and stuffs receipts in pockets, promptly forgetting them.

Completing accurate accounts and profit-and-loss statements at the end of the month can be a challenge. Billing can be late, with some parts never billed to customers.

This is why it’s smart to turn to technology to help. Easy-to-use business management solutions, designed especially for companies that provide field service, make administrative processes -- like parts ordering -- simple, convenient, and worry-free.

Remove the burden of parts ordering

Imagine the ease of finding the exact part you need and placing the order with only a few clicks. Then, all of the information about the order is logged to the customer’s work order. Now, you have an accurate record of the part number, source, and cost -- all in one place. The transaction is automatically added to the customer invoice. No more trying to remember if you billed for the part yet or the cost. Automation removes the hassles and worries.

ServicePower HUB

Small service companies have many options for software tools and apps to help with accounting and administration. Once you decide to adopt technology, it’s important to turn to a resource that is reliable and stands behind the solution, providing support if needed.

ServicePower, a long-time provider of software for large field service organizations, now offers ServicePower HUB, a free-to-use business management system for small- to mid-sized service providers who deliver both cash-on-demand (COD) and warranty-based repair services. Over 13,000 service companies take advantage of the solution.

Whether you work for original equipment manufacturers, third-party administrators, home warranty companies, or directly with homeowners, you’ll benefit from streamlining tedious record keeping — the type of tasks owner-technicians tend to dread. Time sitting at a desk doesn’t bring in revenue or keep customers happy, but compliance with tax reporting can’t be put off. The solution helps manage all the critical business administration, from tracking and scheduling work orders to ordering parts and generating invoices.

The solution is simple to learn with step-by-step tutorials that guide new users through account set-up and creating your first work orders. You don’t have to be a computer expert to follow the prompts and begin seeing the benefits. An answer bank of commonly asked questions is always available, along with short videos so you can see the screens and fields where you enter basic information, like customer contact information.

Parts ordering done right

One of the most helpful features of ServicePower HUB is the parts ordering. It connects directly online with national parts distributors for genuine OEM replacement parts and accessories. The tool provides immediate access to over 8 million parts that can be identified through photo searches or schematics. An exploded view and 360 scan of all equipment parts help make sure you have the exact items you need to complete the repair. Then, the parts can be ordered in a single click. You’ll even get suggestions for additional parts that are often ordered together.

Benefits include:

  • Photo-aided search features help locate hard-to-find parts
  • Detailed record keeping makes repeat orders simple to place
  • Parts ordered are automatically saved to the customer account for easy invoicing
  • Parts status/ETA is provided so you can set accurate expectations with your customers
  • With timely delivery of parts, you improve customer satisfaction
  • Parts shipments can be sent to you (the service company) or directly to your customers, giving them added convenience
  • Accurate record-keeping will make sure you bill customers appropriately
  • Your costs and mark-ups will be logged for accurate tracking of profitability
  • There is no cost or license fees for use of ServicePower HUB

With a fast and easy setup, HUB can be up and running in quickly. Easy-to-navigate screens will ensure you learn the system in no time, and FAQs are easily accessible to answer any questions you may have with a simple click. Now is the time to take advantage of technology to help you make the most of your time—and make parts ordering easier.

For more information about ServicePower HUB, download our datasheet.


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