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How AI Scheduling Improves the Insurance Customer Experience

Historically, the Insurance sector has had the same needs and requirements for workforce mobility, call scheduling, appointment booking and customer service as their counterparts in the collective field service segment; however, it has only been in the past several years that InsurTechs have had the same access to the software that is required to make it all work in their unique sector.

In the past, most Field Service Management (FSM) solution providers catered almost exclusively to the services segment most commonly characterized as being comprised of field technicians carrying spare parts, service manuals and replacement units to the customer site. However, over the past several years, some of the more progressive FSM vendors have found that regardless of whether an organization’s mobile workforce carries parts and documentation, or whether they are simply carrying a flashlight and a notepad or tablet, they still have the same needs for scheduling calls, plotting the best routes to get to them, and delivering the highest levels of customer service required – or demanded – by their customers or claimants.

The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the proliferation of cloud-based technology into the services sector has served to normalize the playing field so that organizations of all types and sizes can now benefit from the same functionalities for scheduling calls, planning travel routes and completing service calls for the first time. In addition, the introduction of subscription-based pricing (i.e., where users simply pay for their mobile workforce solutions on a “pay as you go” basis, rather than through a perpetual license capital expense) has eliminated the need for paying a substantial sum of cash up-front simply for the “luxury” of acquiring a state-of-the-art mobile workforce solution.

This is where a company like ServicePower has stepped up its offerings to cater to more than just the traditional field service segment – that is, by leveraging its technology and functionalities into unique offerings targeted specifically to the InsurTech sector (along with other segments that share many of the same mobile workforce needs and requirements).

Perhaps the most important component of the ServicePower offerings to the InsurTech sector is Digital Scheduling. The use of Digital Scheduling ensures that the most optimal field adjusters, inspectors and appraisers can be scheduled based on their individual skill sets, knowledge of the geography, and inspection locations access hours, as well as other scheduling, location and cost parameters.

In fact, the benefits of Digital Scheduling to the user are many – with virtually all having a distinct and positive impact on the organization’s productivity and efficiency, bottom line performance and – most importantly – the overall Customer Experience. These include:

  • Proven performance-tested technologies which can be integrated into any entitlement/claims platform (such as CRM or ERP)
  • Truth-based scheduling that provides timely appointment options, including follow-ups, to policyholders
  • Customers can get the time slots they ask for, as booking is aligned with real time capacity
  • Seasonal or catastrophic demand spikes can be managed through the utilization of all possible resources, addressing all resource planning and staffing considerations
  • Exact-match job dispatching is based on key customer attributes
  • Honor commitments can be made for customer appointment windows
  • Significantly improved levels of SLA compliance

Through the use of ServiceScheduling, the impact on the organization’s ROI can also be significant, typically resulting in:

  • Improved inspector productivity
  • Reduction in required FTEs
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention

Technology-based mobile workforce solutions are now available to services organizations of all types, sizes and geographical coverage; the IoT and the Cloud make these solutions available to all; and the option of subscription-based pricing makes even the most robust solutions affordable to every organization. The only remaining caveat is that the solution you choose has been specifically designed to support your segment’s mobile workforce needs and requirements.

This is where a mobile workforce, or field service, solution, incorporating Digital Scheduling, can make the lives of your organization’s adjusters, inspectors and appraisers much easier and more productive – while still enhancing the overall Customer Experience.

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