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5 Ways Management Can Improve Morale from the Top Down


Can it really be possible that money is not the number one motivating factor that pushes employees to perform better, and be happier in their current job position? The answer might just surprise you. Check out these 5 employee-pleasing improvements any company’s management team can implement to create a more enjoyable work environment for its valued workers.

Welcome Them Into the Fold

Many employees relate that they are not made to feel like their contribution is of any real value to the company. This often leads to low moralee, and a general feeling that they are not very important to the success of the business. Welcoming a new employee to the company and immediately including them into the mission of the organization helps to guide them to seeing how they are a necessary component in attaining company goals.

Get to Know Your Employees

By creating a HR campaign whereby your company can track birthdays, and other special events in a workers lives you are establishing deeper relationships with each employee. A card, or even a simple email congratulating someone on an anniversary, or other special occasion goes a long way in making a person feel included into the bigger picture of things.

Recognize Excellent Achievements

All too often if an employee goes above and beyond the expectations of their job position it goes unacknowledged as if it were an expected part of the job requirements. This sits heavily on an employee who may feel that their contribution deserved a bit more recognition. Something as simple as a pat on the back, or being publicly acknowledged for a job well done goes a long way in creating a sense of fulfillment in the work force.

Time in Equals Advancement

If you have ever been up for a promotion just to see it go to a “new hire” with no time in the organization, then you surely know what a hit it can be to your morale. Not to mention, it sends a message that no matter what you have put into the company you will never ascend any further up the corporate ladder. Companies that hire from within only, have a much lower turnover rate due to the idea that employees must have something to work towards, or they lose their ability to stay optimistic while they perform their duties.

Create Bonds Through Company Activities

Everyone loves a party! Company picnics, holiday parties, and other social activities are a great way to lower the barriers between management and the rest of the workforce. This is a great opportunity to develop stronger ties between employees and their families. It can be a useful tool to help show your appreciation for all that your employees’ do for you.


The final, and possibly the most important thing that can be done to improve the morale of any workforce, is simply to talk to them. Top managers, and executives are the face of the company to the general workforce, so, having a CEO, or other executive stop by and ask “How are you?” or “How can we help you do your job better?” can really make someone’s day. Especially if the sentiment is sincere, and the employee recognizes that they have someone, or somewhere to go if they have something important to share.

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