About ServiceMobility

Automatically dispatch job schedules to a field operative’s laptop or hand held device!

ServiceMobility runs on virtually any device and any operating system, which is especially important in today’s constantly evolving mobility environment where third parties and enterprise organisations are embracing a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategy.

A hybrid HTML5 browser based technology, it takes advantage of elements found in HTML5 and native applications, while supporting key enterprise requirements such as disconnected data, signature capture and bar code scanning.


  • Device and OS agnostic
  • Work order assignments, including customer information
  • Notes
  • Real time status updates
  • Native navigation
  • Signature capture
  • Parts integration
  • Service history
  • Asset verification
  • Labor codes and pricing
  • Automated time tracking
  • Customer data collection
  • Push to Talk

About ServiceGPS

Do you know that your field resources are where are and what they’re doing?  Track valuable company assets with ServiceGPS!

Fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, and insurance are all increasing in price, which in turn raises the costs of operating a mobile field force. GPS technology is proven to deliver significant productivity and safety benefits, and help your business operate more effectively.


  • Manage field resources more effectively and deliver increased productivity
  • Identify unauthorized or inappropriate use of company assets
  • Provide real-time support for emergency or urgent decision making
  • Driver Score Card report which enables a company to create a custom report for ranking drivers based on various factors

Integrating GPS and Scheduling
While GPS can accurately pinpoint where your field resources are during the workday, ServiceScheduling can automatically feed this information back into the scheduling system so that you can accurately compare the “plan” to the “actual” activities of your mobile field resources. This is where ServicePower makes a real difference.

Easily compare the vehicle status, i.e. stopped, moving, idle, at home against the status reported via ServiceMobility by the field service resource, i.e. working, travelling, other.


  • Web-based application provides real time or  “on-request” location updates
  • Real time map based location details – includes information on whether the mobile resource is stationary, speed of vehicle if moving, and travel direction
  • Configurable real-time Email alerts
  • Time-stamped daily history of GPS events
  • Location of closest field resource to a customer site
  • Data reports accessible online or delivered to selected users on a scheduled basis
  • Real time alerts (e.g. speeding, arrival at home/specific locations)