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What is a Blended Workforce?

A blended workforce is a staffing model that uses both full-time employees and workers within the gig economy to help meet the fluctuating needs of a company.

What are the Advantages of a Blended Workforce in the Field Service Industry?

A blended workforce in the field service industry offers advantages such as flexible scheduling and the ability to scale service to meet fluctuating customer demand. It contributes to improved customer satisfaction and extends geographical reach, ensuring timely and widespread service delivery. The combination of both permanent employees and contractors results in better ROI and profitability, as companies can scale their workforce based on demand without the fixed costs associated with maintaining a fully employed staff. 

This strategic approach allows field service businesses to adapt dynamically to workload fluctuations, optimize operations, and ultimately achieve a more cost-effective and customer-centric service model.

How to Manage a Blended Workforce

In the rapidly evolving field service industry, the adoption of a blended workforce, combining permanent employees and contractors, has become crucial for flexibility and adaptability. As labor shortages loom, a blended approach addresses demands efficiently, with predictions that over 40% of field-service work will be performed by third-party technicians. 

Utilizing third-party workforce management allows cost-effective service delivery and makes companies more resilient to changes in labor availability and service demand. 

Tools like intelligent workforce management systems, third-party dispatch software, and efficient onboarding processes streamline operations. Benefits include improved customer satisfaction, cost savings, and expanded service reach. ServicePower's Intelligent Workforce Management solution stands out as the only solution on the market capable of seamlessly managing a blended workforce, offering optimization and enhanced customer experiences.

Software Purpose-Built for a Blended Workforce

The field service management software you choose to manage your blended workforce makes a difference. Not all FSM software works equally well, and not all FSM software has the features you need to effectively manage your workforce. ServicePower has been recognized as the best field service management solution for managing a blended workforce. We are the only solution that truly and seamlessly defines, deploys, and manages both employed and contracted workforces.

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