Deliver Faster, Smarter Service through Employed Technicians with Smart Scheduling.

Smart Scheduling, part of our unified suite, increases the productivity and efficiency of your employed mobile workers with intelligent optimization while improving the customer’s overall service experience through higher schedule adherence and increased first-time fix rates. 

Enterprise field service organizations realize real ROI with Smart Scheduling.

Find out how an international commerce management company used Smart Scheduling to drive operational improvement and a substantial ROI.


Who is this solution for?

ServicePower’s Smart Scheduling solution is critical for any organization providing field-based services to improve productivity with the most efficient use of resources. 

Utilizing real-time or on demand intelligent route optimization rooted in the latest artificial intelligence based scheduling algorithms, instead of manual or rules-based solutions, ServicePower automatically schedules the best technician, with the right parts and information, at the least cost.

“...ServicePower brings new features and functions to mobile workforces like real-time schedule optimization, providing the hard-dollar return on investment...”

Jeanine Sterling, Industry Director
Frost & Sullivan

Improve the Service Experience

ServicePower provides accurate appointment times to your customers, ensuring the best tech for their requirements arrives on time with the parts, information and technology to complete the job.


Improve Productivity and Reduce Cost

Architected to handle the highest transactional volumes, without failing or batching jobs, ServicePower’s Smart Scheduling solution improves productivity with AI-based optimization, achieving 68% more productivity and 15% less schedule cost than manual or rules-based solutions.


Increase Visibility

ServicePower provides seamless visibility to operations and to your customers. Collaborative, persona-based management dashboards, real-time alerts and instant communications for customers ensure the highest levels of schedule adherence and first-time fix rates. 


ServicePower's Smart Scheduling Solution offers:

Professional, on-time, on budget deployment working with our field service experts

On-time, on-budget deployments with our professional FSM experts.

PSeamless integration with ERP, CRM or existing field management solutions via RestFUL APIs
Seamless integration with ERP, CRM or existing FSM solutions.
Integrated Parts Scheduling to help Technicians and Customers benefit from parts availability

Dynamically update stock levels across mobile workforces, and automatically schedule multiple parts from vehicle stock

Patented, Artificial Intelligence-based schedule optimization, offering real-time or on-demand scheduling
Patented, artificial intelligence-based schedule optimization.
Configurable Workforce and scheduling Parameters

Configurable workforce and schedule cost parameters.

Parts, teams or helpers, complex and dependent jobs scheduling
Parts, teams or helpers, complex and dependent jobs scheduling.
Optimize schedules in real time, on demand or via Boost from the Salesforce AppExchange.
Optimize in real time, on demand or via Boost on the AppExchange.
Interactive Gantt with job and technician status, tech location, and persona-based dashboards

Interactive Gantt with status, tech location, and user dashboards.


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