Mobile Enabled Field Service Technicians can Deliver Faster, Smarter Service.

ServicePower’s Mobile Technician Enablement solution provides your mobile workforce with the information and processes required to complete every job and offer more value to your customers. 

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Who is this solution for?

ServicePower’s Mobile Technician Enablement solution was developed to provide full cycle service functionality to field techs, enabling them to provide faster, smarter service to your customers.

Using the latest mobile technologies, our cross-platform solution standardized mobile field processes, ensuring consistent service delivery, improved productivity and first-time fix rates, while also providing a mechanism to offer more to customers. 

"ServicePower enables us to meet our unique requirements and expand device deployment options as our device strategy evolves."


Manager, Service Technology
North American Appliance Manufacturer

Improve the Service Experience

ServicePower's Mobile Technician Enablement solution enables the field technician with all the data, asset, part, configurable forms and collaboration capabilities needed to create a great customer experience.


Reduce Operational Cost

With full platform integration, ServicePower's Mobile Technician Enablement solution reduces costs by improving schedule compliance both in the office and the field, while reducing trips, improving first-time fix rates.


Increase the Lifetime Value of Every Customer

ServicePower supports estimates, invoicing, payment processing and point of sale offers, providing the ability to sell onsite through the service technician.


ServicePower's Mobile Technician Enablement Solution Offers:

Configurable functionality to support your unique business requirements.
Configurable functionality to support unique requirements.
Support for disconnected states, ensuring technicians can provide great service from anywhere.
Asynchronous support for disconnected states.
Cross-platform and handshake support, enabling technicians to use the right device for every situation.
Cross-platform, OS-centric device support.
Full extensibility to external data, providing end-to-end mobile functionality.
End-to-end service delivery with extensibility to external data.
Build Trust
Flexible, configurable rules-based forms and data fields.
Configurable rules governing minimum cancellation and reschedules

Job and activity management, technician tracking and navigation.

Configurable notification and visibility of impending technician arrival

Estimates, discounts, pricing, invoicing, and payment processing with newly updated gateway

Outsourced booking to ServicePower’s managed network in cases where you lack coverage

Mixed-reality views, Custom surveys, signature capture, on-site product and service offers.

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