Deliver Faster, Smarter Service with Integrated Third Party Service Providers.

ServicePower's Contractor Management solution was designed to support the unique requirements of managing an outsourced workforce.

In a highly disparate service ecosystem, ServicePower drives value for both clients and their extended contractor networks by aggregating large volumes of work for contractors, while ensuring clients can deliver a consistent service experience to customers.

AIG Warranty Transformed Operations using a Contracted Workforce

Learn  how AIG Warranty delivers a great customer repair service experience using an outsourced, contractor network.


Who is this solution for?

Developed specifically for managing third party service providers, ServicePower’s Contractor Management solution enables businesses requiring additional service capacity to intelligently manage and dispatch a contracted workforce.

ServicePower's solution aggregates significant job volume for contractors, driving adoption of the platform in core consumer-oriented industries.

ServicePower also offers ease of contractor onboarding and credentialing all within our full lifecycle service solution. Learn more about contractor:

                     Onboarding                          Credentialing


"Pressure on field service organizations is prompting more  experimentation with the use of external workforces to provide field service."
Eight Components of Successful Outsourced Field Service May 2017

Improve the Customer Experience

With ServicePower's Contractor Management solution, deploy a contracted labor model, including contractors and freelance techs, or a hybrid model including employees, to expand service capacity to deliver great service, through vetted, quality third-party providers, at your customer's convenience.


Increase Visibility 

With ServicePower's Contractor Management solution, eliminate silos by intelligently integrating third-party service contractors and a new priority based dispatching logic to dictate the order in which dispatching rules are applied to dynamically dispatch the best contractor for each job, improving visibility for operations and customers alike with the same enterprise-caliber scheduling, mobile, and business intelligence technology.

Increase Margin

With ServicePower's Contractor Management solution, leverage third-party contractors for specific use cases such as remote geographical coverage, warranty work, or special skills, while monitoring and continuously reducing the cost of service, improving margins.


ServicePower's Contractor Management Solution offers:

Developed with OEMs, retailers, TPAs and Contractors, to support how third parties operate.
Developed with Contractors to best manage outsourced work. 
Fast, on time integration to existing ERP, CRM or FSM software via RestFUL APIs
Seamless RESTful integration to existing ERP, CRM or FSM software.
SaaS deployment enabling clients to reap the benefits of scalability, redundancy and weekly product releases
SaaS deployment improving response, scalability, redundancy.
Configurable and customizable logic to meet unique business requirements.
Configurable, customizable logic to meet unique business requirements.
Integrated credentialling and real-time profiles improve on-boarding and network authorization.

Integrated credentialling improves on-boarding and authorization. 

Configurable global contractor profiles drive operational efficiency and software adoption within the network.
Contractor configured profiles drive efficiency and software adoption.
Robust eligibility, ranking, and rules logic enable dynamic dispatch of the best contractor for every job.
Robust eligibility, ranking, and rules logic dispatch the best contractor. 
Integrated mobile technology and claims processing create a closed loop for clients and contractors.

Integrated mobile and claims processes close the loop.

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