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ServicePower: Ensuring Life’s Good for all US LG Customers

McLean, VA – ServicePower, Inc., a market leader in field service management solutions, today announced that it will partner with LG Electronics USA. 

ServicePower will deliver multiple solutions for LG customers. Its smart scheduling solution, for example, uses artificial intelligence-based scheduling logic to improve LG service operations. This system upgrades LG’s field service management tool set, allowing LG to flexibly dispatch appliance service providers through a user-friendly system, vastly improving the customer experience. The warranty claims management solution improves control of warranty costs, protecting LG warranty reserves by ensuring that valid claims are automatically approved and paid in a timely fashion.

“LG seeks to ensure that ‘Life’s Good’ for our customers, end users and valued ASC partners. We are working towards making it easier for our valued ASC network to do business with us. ServicePower’s field service management software is the solution to delivering that commitment. With ServicePower, we will have the best providers available when our customers need them, and continually drive improvement in our network through AI-based logic and real-time scheduling and warranty processing”, stated Bill Lange, Field Service Operations and Strategy, LG Electronics USA.  

“We are delighted to add LG to the list of global appliance manufacturers which rely on ServicePower. The company operates in a highly competitive sector and LG understands the importance of reliability and how it drives customer loyalty. Should anything go wrong with an appliance, LG and its customers can expect a speedy resolution optimized by the ServicePower service management solution”, said Marne Martin, CEO, ServicePower. 

LG's planned release of ServicePower’s innovative field service suite is during the 1st Quarter of 2018.

About ServicePower

ServicePower is an integrated field service management solution focused on helping companies deliver an exceptional customer experience at the lowest cost. Trusted by field service organizations around the world such as GE Appliances, ADT, Johnson Controls, John Lewis Partnership, Electrolux, Mitsubishi, LG, BSH and AIG Warranty, ServicePower is the only workforce management solution enabling organizations to efficiently manage both captive and 3rd party service providers.   Our digital technology enables improved customer satisfaction, reduces costs and generates new revenue streams.  

ServicePower also offers a fully managed network of 3rd party service providers to enable rapid and on-demand servicing at peak times and in hard-to-reach locations across North America and Europe.

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