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ServicePower Partners with Ayla Networks

IoT PaaS Technology Accelerates Connected Home Strategy

McLean, VA- ServicePower, Inc., a market leader in field service management solutions, announces a new partnership with Ayla Networks, which enables ServicePower to better support smart devices and the connected home.Ayla Networks, a global device management and application enablement platform for IoT, enables companies to consume IoT data from sensors, software or the cloud, analyzing and visualizing product utilization for deeper insights and future product development.

ServicePower has partnered with Ayla Networks to better facilitate proactive field services related to smart products and the connected home. Ayla Networks' IoT technology enables ServicePower customers to transform the service relationship with consumers. Using captured sensor data, OEMs and other field service providers such as third-party administrators and insurers, can use the Ayla platform including its robust diagnostic rules engine, to analyse data, proactively providing service and maintenance on covered, connected products, while leveraging collected insights to build better, more meaningful products and services. 

“We’re excited to integrate our IoT platform with ServicePower’s field service technology. Given ServicePower’s dominance in the consumer products space, bundling our technologies will provide manufacturers and service providers the ability to create a step change in customer experience,” said David Friedman, CEO, Ayla Networks.

“Ayla Networks is an exciting partnership for ServicePower. Building on the foundation of our scheduling and contractor management solutions, as well as our Premier Service Network in North America and EMEA, ServicePower can now enable our customers to gather sensor data automatically for use in scheduling. The combined solution can also enable an end-consumer with a Smart Speaker like Amazon Alexa or Google Home to request service on home products which can be executed by our service network or that of our customers. The integrated solution will further drive great customer field service experiences, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and retention rates, by using meaningful data and real-time connectivity to deliver effortless, personalized service,” stated Frank Gelbart, CEO, ServicePower 

About ServicePower

ServicePower is an integrated field service management solution focused on enabling field technicians to deliver an exceptional customer experience, while achieving operational efficiencies. Trusted by field service organizations around the world such as GE Appliances, ADT, Johnson Controls, John Lewis Partnership, Siemens, Electrolux, LG, and AIG Warranty, ServicePower is the only workforce management solution enabling organizations to efficiently manage both employed and contracted service providers.  

ServicePower also offers a fully managed network of contracted service providers to enable rapid and on-demand service delivery at peak times and in hard-to-reach locations across North America and Europe.

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About Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks, a leading provider of digital twinning, device management and application enablement for the Internet of Things (IoT), enables the world’s largest companies to connect and ingest data from nearly any sensor, system and cloud. By leveraging Ayla's Agile IoT™ platform, customers can quickly productize future-proofed, connected products, while making device data usable for ongoing analytic insights and support for advanced business applications.

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