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AI Continues to Create Enhancements for Field Workforce Management

ServicePower Delivers Innovative Workforce-Management Solutions

At ServicePower, we deliver exceptional field and mobile workforce management using innovative technology for the best customer experiences. With the continuing advances in artificial intelligence (AI), one area that has considerable capacity to benefit is workforce management, especially in those companies with expanded fields of operations. Having the best technician or a full staff of employees on site are crucial to meeting deadlines and avoiding prolonged job timelines.

Technology Continues to Enhance Field-Service Management

Forbes looks at an exciting future in the arena of field management in their article, "Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Empower Field Service And Enhance Customer Experience" by Park, KJ (2017, October 9). The technology we all know as AI is becoming more and more powerful. Digital connections now allow for efficient management over field operations and services, and project information can be instantly sent out to employees and contractors. 

  • Today's technology enables field service organizations to retrieve customer and asset data. The future will soon bring more image enhancements to allow technicians to troubleshoot problems in the field. Asset condition evaluation will be made possible against historical records to help assess the current condition.
  • Workforce assignment is already working in many types of service organizations through mobile applications. As AI advances, so will the capabilities of your field service teams to deploy the right individual or team. Service tracking will help organizations better analyze the standard for certain tasks to know when individuals are working efficiently or cutting corners.
  • Scheduling is already available through user-friendly applications. AI will eventually be able to schedule according to everything that could interfere with jobs being completed such as weather and traffic. Enhancements will alleviate the frustration customers express about wait times. The future of scheduling will ensure that customers' preferred times for service are a non-negotiable part of the equation.
  • Maintenance forecasting of company assets will be an impact for any company depending on mechanical equipment to perform jobs. Preventive maintenance will be an area of
    particular focus.

Artificial Intelligence is enhancing at an accelerated speed with machine learning leading the way towards the automation of many management requirements. AI will improve customer service as it manages the functions of planning, organizing, credentialing and more. 

ServicePower Can Help You Get Ready for AI Enhancements

The ServicePower team brings experience and knowledge together to work and support a variety of industries. We can help you streamline tasks to scale and grow your business. 

  • Utilizing workforce-management software can help your company reduce expenses. Automation of scheduling and paying employees or contractors can help alleviate errors, while allowing for quicker deployment of staff and easier payroll calculations.
  • A library of employees and contract workers will allow you to organize, manage and schedule for the necessary projects or jobs.
  • Working with a diverse workforce across multiple states or countries can be difficult with multiple rules and regulations. ServicePower's Workforce Management software helps manage compliance and regulations.
  • Customer service is improved as you better manage and deploy your workforce allowing you to surpass your customer's expectations. 
  • Efficiently managing and deploying your workforce will result in a satisfied and enthusiastic team of employees. 

The ServicePower field-service management suite provides you with everything you need to build a faster, smarter workforce. You will be able to manage and connect your consumers and technicians with operations for faster and efficient service. Not only will our team help your team become a well-oiled machine, but we will also provide innovative technological enhancements along the way. ServicePower can transform your field-service operations and help prepare you for the future.

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