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When it comes to unifying your customer service suite, nothing is more important than a comprehensive and easily accessed CRM (Customer Relations Management software). This is especially true if all or part of your business model involves offering a service to customers out in the field. From touring real estate properties with new home buyers to repairing on-site manufacturing equipment, knowing who and what you are dealing with is vital for preparing your field based employees for each mission. Fortunately, briefcases full of folders and paperwork are no longer necessary for the modern traveling professional. Smartphones, tablets, and rugged laptops can bring the support of your entire business and proprietary service software with them to the client's location.

Apps: Not Just For Customers

One of the main benefits of having an integrated CRM is accessibility. Your sales team can access it when they are contacting a new lead or previous client, and add data based on the quality of their interaction. Your tech support team can reference a client's history of services and requests quickly, creating the effect of continuous support even if customers deal with a different technician each time. However, you don't need a desktop computer to provide the same support to your agents out in the field. When you provide custom tailored mobile apps to your field based teams, they can prep for a new customer encounter in minutes simply by skimming the CRM data. This will help them understand the client they're about to meet, what to expect from the appointment, and get information based on the customer's recorded history with the company as well.

A Convenient Warning System

Having mobile access to the company CRM is a fantastic way to prepare for particularly challenging or delicate meetings. Brand new customers may need to be walked through normal procedures while old loyal ones may simply need a quick and routine meeting. However, there are also deeper clues to be gleaned. If the customer they are going to see has a history of logged complaints, for instance, your employees can know to approach them with delicacy and care. If, on the other hand, the CRM has noticed that a customer prefers to purchase blue items, your agent can come prepared with a selection of products in their favorite color to help ensure a sale.

Leaving Notes

Often, a CRM will come with a way for your teams to leave notes for each other on customer details and advice when dealing with a particular customer. These notes can vary from additional personal information shared during a friendly chat to warnings about techniques the customer has responded badly to in the past. This usefulness compounds when your field agents start leaving notes in the CRM for each other. Perhaps that one customer likes to meet in a particular cafe, or that another has kids that must be wrangled during an appointment. The most important thing is that these notes will be written by experts in the field for themselves an their colleagues. The best way to get that detailed information is as it is gathered and immediately afterward on their mobile devices. This will massively increase your agents ability to add that personal touch to each service.

Mobile business management solutions are a profoundly useful investment for any company that has employees who must work out in the the field. From checking with centralized data to adding valuable remotely gathered information to the system, an easy to use CRM app can accelerate service procedures and significantly improve your service quality over time. Whether you are looking for a new CRM or upgrading your existing system, a smooth and intuitive mobile component is an incredibly helpful feature for far-flung employees.

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