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ServicePower Granted Field Service Scheduling Patent

Patent Underscores ServicePower’s Technology Innovation and Dedication to Customer Experience and Mobile Tech Enablement 

McLean, VA- ServicePower Inc., a market leader in field service management solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a US patent (Pat. 9,841,990) for its Quantum Annealing optimization algorithm.

The patented algorithm, the world’s first practical use of Quantum Annealing and based on quantum physics, enhances the ServicePower field service management solution’s ability to deliver customers service when they want it in a way that is profitable for the service organizations.  Time is money and customer satisfaction drives the best performers in the service industries.  ServicePower has the lead in driving outcomes built from cognitive insights and artificial intelligence-driven automation to deliver i) more efficient utilization of labor, ii) higher first time fix rates utilizing asset information, technician skills, real time inventory and spare parts availability, real time travel, and knowledge and iii) improved maintenance schedules to exceed target service levels and meet customer priorities. 

The new algorithm capitalizes on the power and scalability of distributed computing models, enabling field service operations to optimize their often highly complex business operations which include the movement of people, parts and vehicles.  Differentiated service businesses are choosing ServicePower to not only deliver the business outcomes needed to today’s consumers, but also to plan for the future such that IOT and other big data is utilized to drive market share of a brand and growth in its service revenue.

 “We are delighted to have been granted the first of a number of pending patents applications related to quantum annealing and workforce rostering. ServicePower continues to lead the field service industry through product innovations that decrease the risk of technology change and improve service operations' ability to meet customer expectations to grow revenue and better enable field-based teams to deliver the best consumer service experiences possible. We strive to provide our clients with cutting-edge technology that improves their bottom lines and strengthens their customer relationships, stated Marne Martin, CEO, ServicePower. “Quantum Annealing, our latest innovation, has far reaching implications, not just in field service but in many different areas of life and business, especially when partnered with our state of the art customer and technician applications. We are proud to be the first field service solution provider to offer a commercially viable scheduling solution powered by quantum technology.”  

About ServicePower 

ServicePower is an integrated field service management solution focused on helping companies deliver an exceptional customer experience at the lowest cost. Trusted by field service organizations around the world such as GE Appliances, ADT, Johnson Controls, John Lewis Partnership, Electrolux, Mitsubishi, LG, BSH and AIG Warranty, ServicePower is the only workforce management solution enabling organizations to efficiently manage both captive and 3rd party service providers.   Our digital technology enables improved customer satisfaction, reduces costs and generates new revenue streams.  

ServicePower also offers a fully managed network of 3rd party service providers to enable rapid and on-demand servicing at peak times and in hard-to-reach locations across North America and Europe. 


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