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Empowering Mobile Workers to Enhance Customer Experience

Operational excellence is the goal of every organization; however, the efforts required to achieve this goal are unique in the field service industry. When it comes to managing field operations, mobile workforce management technology is critical as is performance management . Performance management tools and strategies engage field teams in the the process and provide benchmarks for success. Through intelligent field service management technology, business leaders improve operational excellence and enable field teams to delivery faster, smarter service, improving the customer experience. 

Indeed, the customer's experience or satisfaction affirms the operational excellence of a particular organization. 

How to Empower Your Mobile Workforce?

The importance of keeping employees or contractors for that matter engaged and empowered is undeniable, for they represent your brand during field service interactions. Therefore, certain strategies at the HR level are deployed to ensure dedicated on-site performance of employees. Your in-house employees are involved in goal setting and decision-making processes and value their contribution, establishing a collaborative working environment. Meanwhile, all their performance is continuously being tracked centrally.

However, how can you empower mobile workers? Mobile workers are the most decentralized, yet these mobile workers enhance your customer experience. Your business needs efficient mobile workforce management software. Adopting mobile workforce management software, sometimes called field service management software,  provides your business with a strong foundation for improving customer experience. 

1. A Dedicated Platform for performance reporting and monitoring

Provide your remote workers with dedicated mobilized workforce management software  that is readily accessible. While workers are on-site, they are active on the platform. This allows performance managers the capability of monitoring worker activities in relation to the customer experience. As a result, the most challenging aspect of field service - the actually delivery of service onsite- is efficiently managed, alongside adapting to changes, if needed.

2. Eliminate Overhead with the Cloud

If your business opts for a cloud-based solution powered by third-party providers, you ultimately cut the cost of hardware/data management. Physically deployed infrastructures are prone to security threats that demand an intensive budget set for management and even more capital when there is a reported breach. Therefore, data management and security needs are best served through mobile workforce management solutions deployed via the cloud. In addition, mobile dispatching software written with browser based technology like JavaScript, carries the benefit of compatibility across all devices; thus, all your remote workers will have access to the information stored regardless of the device they're using.

3. Collaboration is Key

Since all your remote workers are on the same platform, your performance managers can interact with any and all your workers. This establishes a collaborative environment even on a mobile platform.

4. Success is Important for Remote Employees

Mobile workforce management software offers automation of your route optimization and contractor management requirements. When there is a call for service, your field service management software can intelligently dispatch the best field tech for every job, and completely prepare them for on site requirements such as parts needed,  onsite assets, service history, repair guides and even estimating and service/product offer capabilities. Thus, it makes service delivery more efficient while motivating your remote employees due to an increase in their success, related to first time fix rates, for instance, while onsite.

5. Efficient Workflow and Increased Productivity

Though employees are ultimately responsible for their own performance, field service management technology can provide the mobilization of process,  tools and support to ensure create a positive effect on productivity as well as customer service.

6. Compliance Management

Whether it is time clock logins, the approval of time-off requests or providing transparency in payroll related to the number of completed jobs per day, mobile field service management software ensures a strong bond between your managers and the remote employees. Additionally, appointment scheduling software, especially those leading packages based on artificial intelligence which also include contractor management software can improve schedule compliance- that is arrive on time, when promised. High levels of schedule compliance save your organization money, since techs arriving as scheduled are following route optimization schedules, reducing waste time, fuel and repeat trips, while improving the customer experience since they're not left waiting.

7. Real Time Mapping , Routing and Location Services

Real time mapping, routing and location services integrated with field service management software expose robust capabilities to technicians (whether employed or contracted), customers, and back office staff.   

Combining real-time traffic and GPS location data can provide field service organizations the ability to do state-of-the-art same day real-time travel route and scheduling updates, enhanced geo-tagging of assets or technician locations, finding of the closest technician, localized deals or offers, and proactively alerting end-consumers of impending arrival or schedule changes.

Operational teams can more accurately plan territory coverage, view in-progress work and identify technicians in emergency or hazardous situations, view proof of service based on time stamps, as well as tracking and analysis on planned versus actual routes and mileage.

Important Considerations for Mobile Workforce Management Solution

There are multiple solutions available for dealing with mobile workers. Evaluate your current state operations, engage key stake holders and subject matter experts and define your desired state. Research workforce software and the provider's implementation, ease of use, compatibility, cost-effectiveness, and scalability records. Then punt in place these tips to drive faster, smarter service for your customers, maximizing your ROI on the field service management technology!

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