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Creating Brand Value with Outcome Based Services

As I mentioned in my last blog, outcome based services are becoming increasingly necessary. Customers are no longer looking for specific merits of a product or service, they are looking for ways to use your service to meet their own operational goals. The focus on business outcomes has become the real selling point, and if done correctly, has the potential to edge out the competition and create lasting brand value for your organization. Here’s how:

Sell a solution. Not a product.

Instead of positioning your service purely for what it is, why not try offering it up as a solution to a problem? This way you are solving long term objectives, instead of pigeonholing yourself as a one time quick fix. As soon as your customers start seeing you as a dependable partner in reducing their operational complexity, then you can start upselling or offering other aspects of your services, if you choose.

Build a customer-centric service model.

Consider piecing together a service model that provides preventative maintenance, as opposed to reactive maintenance. Learn from your customer’s (and technician’s) feedback and apply it positively toward your future service processes. Knowing that you are on top of any technical issues even before the customer calls, creates value in their eyes.

Take advantage of resources.

Although it differs across organizations, figure out exactly what changes need to be made in your positioning and service model and enforce those guidelines with relevant technology. Are you lacking inventory management? Do you need a reliable way for your technicians and the back office to communicate? Once you find a system that covers your needs, ensure your staff has the right training and customer service skills needed to positively convey your solution to your customers

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