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What is the Field Service Industry?

The field service industry refers to work that is completed "in the field" at a customer site by a field service technician. This includes the installation, maintenance, or repair of hardware or equipment "in the field."

What are trends in the field service industry?

Current trends in the field service industry include:

  • Expanded and increased AI field service management, particularly in the form of consumer portals and self-service applications.
  • Sustained growth of predictive maintenance as additional smart and IOT devices come into service.
  • Data put into active use for nearly instantaneous decision-making, driven by data-mining AI and machine learning algorithms.
  • Creative solutions to technician talent shortages, including augmented reality to fill knowledge gaps, digital applications for instant access to service records and equipment data, and field service management (FSM) software to create optimal service schedules.
  • Accelerated performance requirements for technology investments, as businesses demand technology providers to prove the value and ROI of their tools before any purchases are completed or contracts are signed.
  • A strong, continued emphasis on sustainability. Digital field service tools and FSM can offer significant improvements in this sector–  AR-powered technology and AI-enhanced schedule optimization contribute to cutting emissions by reducing the amount of truck transportation time technicians need. Documentation also no longer requires stacks of paperwork, since digital templates and mobile applications streamline these processes.

What industries does field service software serve?

Many industries require field service software, including:

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