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Dispatch Service


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What is Dispatch Service?

Dispatch Service is the process of assigning specific workers to provide a service for customers. In the field service industry, this includes assigning the best field service technicians to service jobs to troubleshoot, maintain, and repair customers' appliances and systems. The quality of dispatch services can make or break the customer experience, making dispatching software an important aspect of success in the field service industry.

What is dispatch software?

Dispatch software is a tool used by organizations to manage and automate their field service operations. The software helps schedule and dispatch technicians efficiently, track job progress in real-time, and optimize routes and resources to maximize efficiency and productivity. Key features typically include job scheduling and dispatching, route optimization, real-time tracking and communication, and performance analytics and reporting. The best field service dispatch software can schedule and dispatch technicians across a blended workforce, scaling service as needed to meet customer demand.

What are dispatch software benefits?

There are several key benefits to dispatch service software. It isn’t just a convenient way to schedule service for your customers– it has additional benefits to help your organization meet its goals.

First-Time Fix Rates: First-time fix rates directly impact customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and overall business success. When technicians can successfully resolve an issue during their initial visit, it signifies a seamless and satisfactory customer experience. Improving first-time fix rates is essential to providing quality service, optimizing costs, and delivering positive customer experiences. When technicians are equipped with the necessary tools, skills, and information to address the issue on their first visit, it reduces the need for follow-up visits. This saves time and resources and optimizes technician schedules, enabling them to attend to more service calls within a given time frame.

Customer Experience: Today’s customers expect a frictionless, easy service experience, and dispatch software can help provide that for your entire customer base. By intelligently assigning tasks to technicians based on their skills, location, and availability, dispatch software minimizes response times and ensures that the right technician arrives at the customer's location promptly. This reduces customer wait times and improves satisfaction. Dispatch software also lets the customers receive accurate updates on the technician's location, estimated arrival time, and job progress. This transparency instills confidence and eliminates uncertainty, making customers feel more informed and in control of the service process.

Technician Productivity:  By relying on data for dispatching the most qualified technicians, dispatch software minimizes response times and ensures that the right technician arrives on-site informed and ready to go. This eliminates time wasted on redundancy and mistakes such as bringing the wrong equipment for a specific issue.

What makes ServicePower’s dispatch software stand out?

No matter your workforce, ServicePower’s dispatch software can solve your scheduling concerns and improve your organization’s field service efficiency. Whether you have employees, contractors, or a blended workforce, ServicePower’s dispatch software can optimize your field service operations. With its versatile features and customizable functionalities, ServicePower's dispatch software offers a comprehensive solution that adapts seamlessly to your organization’s needs.

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