Crew Scheduling Software

Companies utilizing crew scheduling software find increased profits and decreased costs. Crew scheduling software takes the guess work out of scheduling your crew's day. By utilizing sophisticated scheduling intelligence which includes intra-day optimization for those unexpected delays, your team will be functioning at maximum capacity all while reducing the man hours and hassle of manually planning out your schedule.

ServicePower’s crew scheduling software will manage your schedule, optimize their routes, and provides complete line of sight with GPS map tracking of your mobile workforce. Our crew scheduling software, which can be implemented by ServicePower consultants, will quickly become invaluable to your company.

Our crew scheduling software can include these features:

  • Drag and drop jobs or request best candidate in exceptional cases where a job must be interactively moved
  • Gain line of sight of your mobile workforce with map based GPS tracking
  • Our crew scheduling system utilizes a patented, proprietary simulated annealing process
  • Easily integrate 3rd parties into your crew scheduling software
  • Real-time email alerts
  • Web based crew scheduling software
  • Operational reports to understand performance
  • Human factor modeling
  • Planning and Forecasting
  • Optimized appointment booking and real time dynamic scheduling
  • Real-time job interface
  • And much more!

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A Platform that fixes all fundamental Field Service challenges

Our platform focuses on fixing fundamental field service problems and offers the ability to intelligently schedule appointments, SLA driven jobs, complex jobs, and parts.

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