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10 Keys to Creating a Positive Customer Experience

Creating an outstanding customer experience in the field service industry is one of the most effective ways to bolster customer satisfaction and increase revenue. From timely, professional delivery of services to post-service follow-up calls, field service technicians have the power to delight customers and bolster revenue. Below are ten ways that you can increase your revenue by improving customer satisfaction with field service visits.

1) Contact the customer in advance of the visit to provide an introduction. Proactively reaching out to a customer to offer an introduction and confirm a service visit helps customers feel comfortable with their technician and get the service process started off on the right foot. By creating a good first impression, field service technicians increase the chances that the customer will be pleased and request additional services in the future.

2) Be on time. When a customer’s equipment is not functioning properly due to defective parts or maintenance needs, it can stall the customer’s normal business operations, reducing their revenue or wasting their time. The faster customers are able to receive service, the faster they are able to resume everyday operations and begin generating revenue again. Speedy technical support is therefore one of the best ways to increase client satisfaction and pave the way for additional business.

3) Let the customer know what to expect during the service visit. Providing customers with an estimate of the time required to complete the service visit, on ongoing updates via web portals, text, email or IVR, will help the customer prepare for the visit and know how long their equipment will be out of commission. Customers typically appreciate the ability to plan and will be more likely to be pleased with the quality of service they are receiving.

4) Demonstrate professionalism. The path to a satisfied customer base begins with a team of professional, well-trained service technicians. Field service technicians should be polite, well-groomed, and focused on completing the repairs and service tasks on their work orders. Service managers can also impress customers by ensuring that technicians do the following:
  • Wear a uniform or clothing that is neat and clean
  • Refrain from using vulgar language
  • Properly address facility staff
  • Refrain from smoking or using alcohol while on the job
  • Offer value added services, such as 'how to' information or service contracts which improve equipment operation
5) Ensure that technician vans are well stocked with key parts. A well-stocked van is the cornerstone of an efficient service visit. When technicians have the parts that they need to complete their service visits quickly and efficiently, they usually succeed in delighting customers and leaving them with a favorable impression.

6) Always be on the lookout for additional service opportunities. In many cases, there might be equipment onsite that is not covered by a service contract. Technicians should be trained to keep their eyes open for such opportunities and let the customer know that their contract can be expanded to include additional equipment maintenance.  Being able to process new opportunities onsite improves the customer experience while also improving your bottom line!

7) Educate customers about steps they can take to care for equipment. Technicians who educate their customers during a service visit are an industry rarity. They earn the trust of a customer by showing that they have the customer’s best interests at heart. As a result, the customer is more likely to request additional services and to refer business to friends and colleagues.

8) Employ configurable workforce management software. Intuitive software provides an organized framework for the timely dispatch of technicians based upon their skills, geographical knowledge and the parts they have on hand in their vans. By increasing efficiency, software ultimately helps ensure that customers’ service needs are addressed more quickly. The result is higher customer satisfaction, faster invoicing, and faster receipt of payment, while reducing your schedule costs.

9) Ask for feedback. Requesting feedback from your customers achieves two important goals. First, customers feel like their opinions are important, increasing the likelihood that they will request additional services. Second, customer feedback can prove to be an invaluable tool to improve service delivery and ultimately increase business.

10) Follow up with the customer. Post-service follow-up is the cherry on top of the field service sundae. Following up with the customer after a service visit shows a service provider’s commitment to providing ongoing customer support. Additionally, following up with the customer helps to keep your service company in the front of the customer’s mind.

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