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In today’s tech-savvy world, P&C customers are increasingly demanding a more sophisticated and personalized experience — including digital distribution, anytime access and higher levels of product customization and visibility.

Policy holders want tech-enabled experiences. Learn more about our innovative scheduling solution today.

Improve the customer journey with tech-savvy solutions.

Improving customer experience is a key theme in 2019 and beyond for Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurers. For the past four years analysts have emphasized the importance of P&C Insurers to adopt advanced technology to improve the customer journey (see EY’s Insurance Outlook Reports: 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019).


We have all been here:

Policy holders looking to file a claim are often faced with long wait times to schedule and receive appointments. They are at the adjuster’s mercy to communicate schedules (running late) and gathering complete data. There is no post appointment visibility and they must wait to receive their claims quote.

We all want flexibility and visibility into these services. 

ServiceScheduling enables insurers to dynamically create schedules, reduce costs of claim inspections and adjustments, and improve efficiency, productivity, and utilization. This ensures top field adjusters, inspectors or appraisers are scheduled, based on their skill set, knowledge of the geography, and inspection location access hours, as well as other schedule and cost parameters. 


Proven, performance tested technology which can be integrated to any entitlement/claims CRM/ERP


Truth-based scheduling for timely appointment options, including follow-ups to policyholders


The ability to manage seasonal or catastrophic demand spikes through utilization of all possible resources


Exact match job dispatching based on key attributes



Honor commitments for appointment windows and improve SLAs



With the implementation of ServicePower’s solutions, Allstate saw significant reductions in third party body shop assessments and in the number of days customers required rental cars.

Results Delivered

30% increase in assessments completed per day

20% increase in customer satisfaction scores

Reduced labor costs by $1.8M per year

An average of 19 fewer FTEs per year

Get ahead of your competitors while improving your customer’s experiences with ServiceScheduling.
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