Mike Snead

 "Business is cyclical and flexibility 
within a business relationship is key to 
maintaining a win-win arrangement for both partners.  
ServicePower is an example of what a business 
partner can and should be.” 

Michael Snead, Director, Product Service
Mitsubishi Electric US
Visual and Imaging Systems Division

Third Party Contractor and Warranty Management

It's is more than “streamlining the scheduling, dispatch, and work completion between enterprise service providers and their contractors”.

That’s assumed.

It’s about aggregation of jobs, intelligent, dynamic dispatching, trusted, credentialed networks, integration to existing business management systems, creating products for contractors, like NEXUS FSTM which make them more efficient, integrated warranty management and claims processing.

It’s about intelligently utilizing contracted labor to meet margin, skill or geographic gaps in coverage.

But, ultimately, it’s about the customer experience.

Customer service has surpassed all other goals in field service as the number one metric each uses to determine success.

ServicePower understands that field service organizations can achieve KPIs and improve overall customer service by utilizing third party contractors in their workforce management models and managing them through dispatch scheduling software so they have visibility and control.

The best third party dispatch scheduling software solutions provide
  • Cloud based, multi-tenant dispatch scheduling software
  • Easy integration to CRM or ERP
  • Industry aggregation of jobs to drive adoption

  • Dynamic, intelligent dispatch logic based on configurable rules like quality, costs, OEM authorization and turn around or cycle time.

  • Real time, dynamic line of sight from the dispatch scheduling softwaremobile field service software, or an integrated BMS, like NEXUS FSTM

  • Integrated warranty management, claims processing and payments. Proof of service isn’t enough.
  • Integrated operational intelligence which provides an end to end snapshot of jobs and claims to understand how the network is functioning, measure performance, identify fraud and  rank each contractor such that only the best receive work.


ServiceOperations, offers field service organizations the ability to intelligently manage, dispatch and pay third party contractors while tightly managing warranty spend, to achieve customer service goals. 

ServiceOperations offers job providers: ServiceOperations offers third party contractors:
  • Cloud based, multi-tenant dispatch scheduling software
  • Integration to existing business management systems, like  NEXUS FSTM 
  • Authorize contractors to your network
  • A single, global profile to manage
  • Configure dynamic ranking parameters used to score contractors
  • Jobs from multiple job providers, including manufacturers, serviceoperations.gifretailers, third party administrators and national or regional service aggregators
  • Utilize real time credentialing and Better Business Bureau social rankings in the selection logic
  • Offer time bands of your choosing
  • Intelligent selection based on ranking, configurable rules, credentialed status, geography and skills
  • Real time, time slotted appointments and automated job rebooking
  • Online additional authorization requests
  • 360 degree view of job status
  • Integrated part ordering, claims submission, status and payment history
  • Integrated part ordering directly from the dispatch scheduling software



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  • Configurable claims validation and audit logic, distributor parts purchase price and bill of materials validation
  • Real time warranty management configuration and claim processing
  • Online product registration, consumer rebates and incentives, customer surveys
  • Real time, in-memory, hosted business intelligence software


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