Don’t Just Get to the Customer – Make Sure You Have the Right Part | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

What metrics determine the success of your field service organization? Worker productivity? SLA compliance? Wrench time?

These are all great metrics. But these metrics primarily tell a story that is internal to the service organization and does not directly reflect value-add to customers. This is why top performing field service organizations have prioritized customer facing metrics such as customer satisfaction, service profitability, and customer retention to determine success in 2016. These metrics highlight the convergence between delivering customer value and driving at profitable growth.


Proactive and Predictive: Delivering Value and Service Excellence | ServicePower | Innovating Field Service

Aberdeen Group recently surveyed 377 service and manufacturing organizations and found the top four market pressures they currently face are:

  • competition
  • rising customer expectations
  • reduced margins
  • increased product complexity

Delivering outstanding service plays a huge role in addressing these pressures.