Field Service Management Technology Improves Patient Care 

In healthcare, swift response is critical for patients, caregivers, and families. You need to ensure the right people, equipment, and supplies are where they need to be, when they are needed. Meeting such operational and supply chain standards is a key driver of success, but managing all of the moving parts can be challenging. It'why many organizations are turning to technology solutions to better manage daily operations.

"81% of consumers in the U.S.
are dissatisfied with their
healthcare experience."
Prophet and GE Healthcare
Camden Group
ServicePower is an integrated mobile workforce management solution focused on the patient experience and enablement of great field service. It helps you get the right people, equipment and supplies to the right places, when they need to be there. 
For medical equipment and supply organizations, our solutions not only improve the experience of everyone in the patient care equation, but we also help improve your bottom line. ServicePower's solutions can streamline order placement and optimize routes to ensure skilled field personnel and their equipment get where and when they're needed to meet the needs of the patient community and achieveor even exceed established SLAs.

ServicePower makes improving patient care easier with:

And for providers using contractors in your labor equation, we also offer:

Our AI-powered, smart, field service management solutions enable your field teams to improve the healthcare experience.



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An online care-giver portal streamlines the ordering experience with real time technician scheduling, two-way communications and delivery status, improving visibility of the entire process.

AI based schedule optimization assigns the best field technician for each patient, resulting in faster response, reduced cost more deliveries to patients every day, when promised to be onsite.

Configurable mobility software enables medical equipment providers to consider date, patient priority,  and inventory availability, in the scheduling decision, personalizing each patient experience.


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