ServicePower provides connected field services solutions that bring together the customer and the dispatch center, technician, claims and warranty processes, parts, the contracted workforce, assets, mobility, business intelligence, and social collaboration. ServicePower connects all aspects of the field service value chain through the use of innovative technology that accelerates business efficiency gains and customer satisfaction while reducing costs. ServicePower is uniquely positioned to offer connected field services solutions on one underlying and consistent platform.

This is the ServicePower difference.


Global Business Consulting Expertise

  • ServicePower employs some of the most experienced field management experts in the world, enabling us to provide proactive solutions for emerging problems
    • Cloud or on premise deployment options
    • Professional, proven implementation
    • Business Consulting services
    • Outsourced service management

Product diversity

  • Planning and forecasting
    • Strategic planning, forecasting and modeling
  • Workforce ManagementAnalysis and Business intelligence
    • From employees to third party resources, ServicePower offers products and services that support a diverse operation.
      • Mix employed, contracted or on demand workforces
      • Optimized, artificial intelligence based, employed workforce optimized scheduling
      • Automated 3rd party contractor dispatch
      • On demand technician job placement
      • Labor and warranty claims processing
      • Service Management Software for service contractors


  • Various industries; 27 different industries now use our field management platform
  • The platform supports a wide variety of work types:
    • Optimized appointments including configurable time banded windows
    • SLA jobs ranging from emergency short response times to preventative maintenance scheduled over weeks, months, years
    • Multi-stage jobs requiring sequence and/or multiple resources
    • Capacity management to ensure space is limited or reserved for certain work types
  • Scalability,  Performance  and Reliability
    • Scalability proven through implementations from several hundred to 10,000 field resources
    • A joint bench test with HP utilizing their latest blade servers proved unhinder performance up to 5,000 transactions per minute across 40,000 field resources

Collaborative approach

  • Best of breed Partners enable us to focus on our customer’s unique challenges as well as building end to end solutions for tomorrow