Traditional Waterfall

Suitable for large, structured project that may be part of a larger initiative, Traditional Waterfall typically takes 3 – 6 Months for a single platform component implementation, 4 – 8 months for multiple platform component implementation, and 6 – 12 months when implementation is part of larger client project initiative.

Express Hosted

Suitable for clients hosting in our cloud and willing to work with industry best practices and defaults, Express  Hosted usually takes 2 – 4 weeks to implement default process with quick or no integration work to back end systems, or 6 Weeks for Semi custom process including basic integration.

Agile Hosted

Suitable for clients who prefer an iterative approach and are willing to break up the project, elapsed implementation time is similar to traditional waterfall, with each phase lasting from 2 – 6 weeks depending on integration complexity.


Recent Implementation Success Stories

  • International Home Warranty Company (UK implementation)
    Objective:  Implement a ServiceOperations system to dispatch calls
    Length of project:  15 months
    Status:  Completed on time, and within customer’s budget
  • Global Security Company (US implementation)
    Objective:  Implement a 6 month ServiceScheduling proof of concept to demonstrate favorable metrics in the form of increases calls per tech per week, decreased drive time and status visibility
    Length of project:  6 months
    Status:  Completed on time, customer validated results and are going to move forward with full implementation
  • Safety and Health (US implementation)
    Objective:  Implement a Scheduling to support field inspectors and increases calls per tech per week, comply with contractual inspections and provide visibility into work load and customer inspection schedules
    Length of project:  12 months
    Status:  on-going, expectations are that we will deliver within quoted budget for Scheduling
  • Global Appliance/Electronics OEM (US implementation )
    Objective:  Implement ServiceOperations to support dispatching of jobs to external servicers
    Length of project:  10 weeks
    Status:  completed on time and within quoted budget to customer