Using the Internet of Things and machine to machine connected devices, field service organizations can communicate with products and equipment and proactively initiate intelligent field service events like maintenance and repairs, reducing downtime and delighting the customer!M2M_Excellence-01.png

Our award winning M2M platform is the only configurable solution that can take alerts-without manual triggers- to initiate a field based event like a security call or preventative maintenance visit.

Connecting that alert information with field optimization and mobilization through ServiceScheduling and ServiceMobility, field service organizations can:

  • Automatically create optimized schedules
    • Maximize productivity and utilization of field resources
    • True intra-day or on demand optimization
  • Dispatch jobs to mobile devices
    • Cross platform technology is device/OS agnostic and supports full on-site process mobilization and 360 degree views of job progress
  • Integrate to back office data and processes
    • M2M technology provides data used to schedule subsequent field events, while communicating jobs and related information to field based resources, in real time.

ServicePower’s mobile workforce management software has been used in conjunction with M2M technology since first generation machine based diagnostic and auto dispatch tools emerged in the security, facilities management, and telemetry and GPS location sectors. Connected devices such as industrial pumps, fire detection systems, in-truck OBD telemetry devices, smart home or metering devices, as well as industry groups like the Zigby Alliance, Communication Service Providers (such as AT&T and European utilities) are driving the adoption of integrated M2M technology.  ServicePower is at the forefront of developing solutions that can be intelligently used in the field service business process to initiate repair, maintenance or inspection events at homes or managed

We've partnered with the best IOT/M2M platforms to drive connectivity, PaaS deployment and innovation!

ServicePower’s mobile workforce management software platform maximizes utilization of IoT and M2M technologies by any field service organization, driving the service model forward, from reactive repairs to proactive, maintenance based services which delight the customer!

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