Our mobile field management platform components can be deployed in a variety of ways, from on premise, to cloud-based to SaaS.

ServiceScheduling offers appointment optimization geared towards improving productivity and utilization, as well as decreased schedule costs, travel time and cycle time.  It was historically only offered as an on premise solution; our clients were responsible for IT infrastructure, redundancy and failover, and software upgrades.

Small to medium sized business (SMBs) were prohibited from benefiting from the same productivity and utilization improvements due to license and infrastructure costs.

The advent of cloud deployment enables large field service organizations and SMBs alike to tap into ServiceScheduling.

ServiceOperations has always been offered as a cloud-based, SaaS solution, since prior to 2004 in fact. The true multi- tenant application enables clients and their 3rd party contractor networks to participate in the aggregated field service dispatch and claiming platform from any computer able to connect to the web.

We also now offer a multi-tenant business management software to SMBs, called S2 Suite, that is entirely cloud based. It enables SMBs to manage their business operations from any web connected device.

ServiceMarket, ServiceMobility and ServiceStats are available as on premise, cloud based or SaaS solutions as well.

Watch out

All cloud options are not created equally.  A cloud deployment is great for decreasing costs and mobilizing a field workforce, but it’s only as good as the securities put in place by the hosting company.

ServicePower manages the hardware and software, within the cloud, for our cloud based deployments.  However we also implement the appropriate security, redundancy and failover safeguards to provide our clients with the best tools, at the lowest costs, to achieve a best in class field service organization. One without the other is only half of the equation.

Which option is best?

  1. Since there are many cloud offerings, outline your business requirements to clearly understand the benefits and disadvantages of the model.
  2. Leverage the cloud if you are a small business looking for access to the kind of infrastructure to which only large companies had in the past.
  3. Take advantage of the cloud model if you have multiple organizational locations which allow access to the field management platform to facilitate collaboration between colleagues.