Much like telecommunication companies, utilities must maintain and repair legacy network infrastructure, and deal with the onset of newer, smart or green technologies, all while operating in an environment where margins are shrinking due to global competition and regulatory oversight.

ServicePower’s innovative field management platform optimizes field resources, ensuring that productivity and efficiency are increased, the amount of time required to complete a job is reduced, and that parts and equipment required to complete work is intelligently scheduled with the field tech.

Each field resource has unique skills, regulatory credentials and vehicles/equipment that must be routed to jobs requiring specific resources. ServiceScheduling is the only field management platform on the market that enables utilities to route the best resources on a job by job basis, rather than simply reordering a day’s worth of jobs. And, in those cases where a subcontractor is the best option for the job, whether due to an outage or simply a skill or geographical requirement, ServicePower enables the FSO to mix those resources seamlessly into your workforce through ServiceBroker and ServiceOperations.

ServicePower also enables utilities to manage job elements like location and access hours for commercial work, as well as complex and long jobs that take place over more than 24 hours. Our ServiceMobility application enables dispatchers to monitor what’s going on at any given moment, while ServiceGPS enables them to locate the nearest field resources when the job just requires more hands or equipment!

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