Each link in the extensive telecom supply chain, with companies ranging from VARs to telecom carriers, utilizes field resources to execute services for commercial and consumer accounts.

ServicePower is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive field management solution for telecom supply chain members, whether they provide equipment installation or repairs, infrastructure or consumer based voice and data services.

Our field management platform enables telecoms, like current accounts Avaya and Megapath, to intelligently plan and schedule the appropriate field resources, including employees and contractors to address geography, skill, and capacity or catastrophic events.

ServiceScheduling, using our patented optimization algorithm called simulated annealing, continually re-optimize a day’s schedule allowing telecoms to gain as much productivity and utilization from their field techs as possible, while also reducing the time spent on site.
Scheduling also enables telecoms to schedule teams of resources for long complex jobs, or jobs that require SLA compliance.

ServiceOperations can be used to manage entire or supplementary 3rd party contractor networks so that when the lines go down in a storm, telecoms can bring in enough and schedule capacity to restore service as soon as possible.

ServiceMobility fully mobilizes field resources. Send a complete schedule, as well as intraday changes and gathers real time job status from any web connected device.  Our MVEAP mobile platform, designed specifically for the field service vertical, is based on the latest HTML5 Hybrid technology, enabling telecoms to deploy a variety of devices to their field techs, or tap into existing contractor devices, depending on job and situational requirements.

ServiceStats provides all of the business intelligence telecoms require to plan and forecast required field based resources, to achieve key performance indicators, such as job duration, travel times, cost, margin and customer satisfaction.

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