In today’s diverse and challenging environment, the oil and gas industry increasingly faces reduced human capital availability, elusive efficiency improvements, and increasing reliance on analytic data which can be used to drive real time decision making.

ServicePower’s mobile field management platform facilitates the emerging ‘digital oil field’, providing technology that oil and gas enterprises can rely on to ensure improved efficiency, real time field communications and data collection, and intelligent, responsive decision making.

ServicePower provides:

  • Optimization technology through ServiceScheduling which improves the efficiency, productivity and utilization of increasingly hard to find human, field based resources
  • Centralize and standardize management and scheduling of field based resources, reducing infrastructure and management overhead
  • Ensure necessary tools and equipment are scheduled simultaneously to decrease the total time spent on site
  • Improves operational visibility of field based resources through ServiceMobility via any web connected devices, as well as the ability to simultaneously move back and forth between devices, based on physical job requirements
  • Secure real time data from field based resources, which can be used to intelligently make decisions in real time, or analyse and mine the data on a continuous basis to provide the enterprise with information with which to plan and forecast future activities to maximize production
  • Consume M2M data from smart sensors and other connected devices, facilitating automated response and powerful intelligence to enhance decision making.
  • Provide a mechanism to utilized outsources resources, in a seamless and intelligent manner, consistent with that of employed resources

ServicePower’s mobile field management platform provides the end to end solution required to support the diversity of the Oil and Gas industry, while driving innovation throughout the industry ecosystem, through scheduling, mobile and analytics innovation.

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