In such a price competitive industry, where insurers cannot differientiate based on price or coverage, each must reduce cost, improve productivity and improve the customer experience to maintain policy holders over the long term.

The ServicePower field management platform is used by most of the major global insurance companies to ensure execution of the least costly and most timely business process from the FNOL to estimates, repairs and claim payments.

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ServiceScheduling, through continuous optimization and utilization of innovative, pre-calculated, in-memory travel times, decreases the cost of claim inspections and adjustments by ensuring the best field adjusters or inspectors are scheduled, based on their skill set, knowledge of the geography, and inspection location operating hours, as well as other schedule parameters.  It also ensures SLA compliance in instances where B2B or disaster claims must be handed in the most expedient way possible.

ServiceMobility, which can be used on any web connected handheld device, and ServiceGPS fully mobilize your field teams. Send them scheduled jobs, and well as intraday changes, while also facilitating all of the processes needed to handle your policy holders, in real time. ServicePower goes one step farther than our competition though.

Using  ServiceOperations software, insurers can provide a seamless customer experience, managing 3rd party vendors like automotive repair shops, windshield replacement companies and surveyors the same way employed field resources are managed.

Decrease schedule costs, and delight your policy holders with improved customer service.

For more information about how ServicePower can help manage inspectors and adjusters, click here.