Facility management organizations face a unique mix of challenges. To meet property owner/lease holder or guest expectations and increase profits requires precise management of a complex field organization that must perform at the highesat levels of responsiveness.

ServicePower provides facility management organizations with the intelligence and flexibility to schedule many different kinds of resources, from construction trades, to television repair, to cleaning and maintenance.

ServiceScheduling enables facility management organizations to schedule employed field resources with the correct skills and required parts or tools, based on business rules logic in ServiceBroker, which also allows utilization of 3rd party contractors and on demand technicians.

ServiceScheduling can be used by any facilities organization:

  • Property and facility managers
  • Hotels
  • Maintenance technicians or service contractors/vendors
  • Commercial, residential and mixed use buildings
  • Schools
  • Retirement homes
  • HOA
  • Home warranty providers

Additionally, ServiceMobility can be integrated with back office business processes and data to fully mobilize the entire service experience for your property owners, regardless of the type of device in hand.

Our cloud based SMB business management software can be used in conjunction with other platform components to manage 3rd party vendors, providing control of:

  • Work Orders
  • Employees, Subcontractors and Crews
  • Lead Generation, Marketing and Consumers
  • Inventory
  • Finances
  • Dashboards and Reports

Ensure complete visibility and total satisfaction with ServicePower! Find out how we can help with your facilities management needs today, click here.