The construction industry consists of a diverse ecosystem including a variety tradesman, which faces both commercial/industrial and residential end consumers.

But, fundamental challenges such as productivity, field connectivity and cost control continue to challenge builders, equipment manufacturers and other members of the ecosystem.

ServicePower’s mobile field management platform provides automation and intelligence to the construction industry though intelligent scheduling, adaptable mobile solutions and robust business intelligence.

  • Optimize events such as deliveries and installations both in the commercial and residential sectors, increasing efficiency, productivity and utilization
  • Ensure the appropriately licensed and certified labor resources are scheduled to job sites
  • Manage job specific parameters such as access hours, hazardous materials facility training, and truck capacity
  • Ensure workers are scheduled to jobs with the necessary tools and equipment to get the jobs completed on schedule, avoiding cost overruns and penalties
  • Automate onsite process and provide real time information to and collect it from labor resources through device agnostic ServiceMobility
  • Track expensive equipment and provide navigation to labor resources with ServiceGPS
  • Analyze job data, highlighting margin, cost overruns and potentially fraudulent subcontractors with ServiceStats
  • Integrated to bid, estimating and job management software through ServiceBroker’s ESB technology to utilize additional business logic and a seamless customer experience for your general contractors and direct clients.

Even in today’s economic environment, ServicePower can ensure your construction firm operates as cost efficiently as possible, while eliminating the common seepage and loss inherent in historically manual processes. Contact us today.