In today’s environment where rising overhead costs, showrooming and shrinking margins are the most important issues of the day, retailers shouldn’t have to focus on managing installation and repair networks.

Leading analyst organizations predict that CSP market growth will rely on the combination of social, mobile, cloud and information services, not simply new subscribers.

As Machine to Machine (M2M) technology continues to grow, due to the increasing integration to consumer goods, as well as decreasing component costs, CSP can look to M2M as a mechanism to identify new market growth.

ServicePower’s field management platform, through innovative utilization of M2M data,helps CSPs offer new, revenue generating services to field service organizations around the globe.

Field service organizations, such as appliances, electronics, vending/POS/payment, metering and security, as well as healthcare, tracking/tracing, utilities, and municipalities increasingly hope to utilize M2M technology to enable automated, intelligent business process and service level improvements.

CSPs bundling ServiceScheduling and ServiceMobility can offer field service organizations the ability to:

  • Proactively identify failure or ‘need’ information, and trigger an intelligent field service event, such as maintenance, repair, restocking, inspection, etc.
  • Deploy information to field based resources, derived from actual machine failure or maintenance information.
  • Locate and retrieve status information field based resources used within the field service process.
  • Reroute resources based on urgency and location.

M2M technology can also expose new verticals to CSPs, such as:

  • Pay-per-use vehicle ownership, where cars are paid for per mile driven, not on a lease or outright purchase model.
  • Smart energy management, where utilities control power consumption during peak times, to conserve and manage the grid.
  • Increased accessory/product, where copier or printers can communicate low toner, or that filter replacement is required.

The ServicePower mobile field management platform enables utilization of M2M technologies by any field service organization which monitors equipment or facilities, tracks or manages remote assets, or executes repairs and preventive maintenance services. As we drive future innovation, ultimately, M2M data will be used to create a seamless process using the information beginning with triage through real time, automated scheduling.

Find out how ServicePower can help CSPs bundle M2M data to offer a more compelling product to global field service organizations, click here.