Our Smarter, Unified Suite Supports Better Long Term Equipment Operations.

ServicePower’s Asset, Inventory, and Contract Management solution enables intelligent utilization of customer asset, tech part inventory, service history and predictive intelligence to provide faster, smarter service to your customers, resolving today's challenges while ensuring higher future equipment up time through scheduled maintenance.

Frost & Sullivan believes Asset, Inventory and Contract Management are Important.

Find out why mobilized FSM solutions for larger customers typically provide a mix of work order/activity management, schematics, inventory management, and reports/analytics.


Who is this Service For?

ServicePower’s Asset, Inventory and Contract Management solution enables field service operations to better utilize customer asset and technician inventory information to improve first-time fix rates, while also providing additional value to the customer through predictive maintenance contract offers. 

"Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Their needs and wants impact every aspect of your business."
John Rampton CEO
ServicePower asset management

Improve the Service Experience

ServicePower enables intelligent customer Asset Management, at the customer, location, contract or work order level. Field technicians gain a more complete picture of all owned assets, facilitating a complete service experience.

ServicePower asset management
ServicePower Technician part inventory

Increase Visibility

Improve visibility to Part Inventory at the technician and business level. Using predictive logic, plan part requirements and monitor part utilization, ensuring adequate stock to decrease truck rolls and increase first rates.

servicepower maintenance contract offer

Increase Revenue

Using predictive logic, ServicePower enables field service organizations to evaluate assets, service history and manufacturing data to create personalized Maintenance Contracts, and proactively schedule future maintenance, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

servicepower maintenance contract offer

ServicePower's Asset, Inventory and Contract Management Solution offers:

Better utilize assets and inventory to improve the customer service experience.

Better utilize assets and inventory to improve the customer experience.

SaaS deployment improving response, scalability, redundancy.

SaaS deployment improving response, scalability, redundancy.

Seamless ReSTful integration to existing ERP, CRM or FSM software.

Seamless ReSTful integration to existing ERP, CRM or FSM software.

Fully configurable and integrated to service history and predictive algorithms.

Fully configurable and integrated predictive algorithms.

Manage customer assets; associate to work orders, contracts, forecast replacements.

Manage customer assets, forecast replacements.


Create and manage product catalogs, offering more value based on existing assets.
Create product catalogs, offering more value on existing assets.
Manage technician inventory, by location or shipment ensuring availability of parts required for repair.
Manage technician inventory ensuring parts availability.
Offer personalized contracts based predictive logic using asset, inventory, and service history.
Offer personalized contracts and schedule future maintenance.
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