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With the new year comes new goals, resolutions, and issues to resolve. Many of us are coming off of our holiday breaks and getting re-acclimated to work. It should come as no surprise, but the issues that riddled us at the end of 2015 are still on our plates this year. One of the top challenges facing manufacturers and service organizations is the need to deliver high value to a more empowered customer base. This trend has been rising to the surface for some time now, and service organizations in 2016 now have the technology AND ecosystem of partners to deliver on the promise of valuable service resolution.


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Do customers come first within your business? If you are a service organization or a business which sells a product, your answer is probably yes. But I think this notion, though true, has some nuance. Exceptional customer service should be the end goal, however to achieve this service must run efficiently.


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Service Leadership: 3 Reasons the C-Suite Must Listen to Service

If you’re reading this blog, it is safe to say you have some interest in service and most likely field service. These topics are clearly of interest to me as I continue to find new ways that service is being leveraged to drive measureable growth for the organizations I study (i.e., OEMs, service providers).


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The M2M Impact on Scheduling & Mobility


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Is the Schedule Running your Techs into a Wall?

We all have heard the many Rights of Field Service. Right technician, right time, right customer. Much of this mindset is based on scheduling a technician to quickly and efficiently reach a customer site to turn a wrench. Field service is no longer this simple. Getting a technician to a customer is now just a starting point, new concerns must be addressed in order to deliver the level of service expected by customers.