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Time is Money: Are Your Field Service Technicians Wasting Time?

We’ve all seen and heard references in popular culture—like the famous Seinfeld episode where Kramer gives the cable company a taste of its own medicine—to the frustration customers feel when technicians are late to a job or worse, don’t show up at all.

But as a field service manager you understand that when your technicians don’t arrive on time—no matter who is at fault—it costs your business precious time and money. For that reason, it might be time to invest in a mobile field service solution. Here’s how a comprehensive set of field service tools can get your operation running more smoothly:

Route Optimization and Scheduling

With a best-in-class field service scheduling solution, for example, you can optimize routes quickly and easily. No more worrying that your technicians will take their own special “back route” and wind up lost somewhere on the opposite side of town.

Additionally, a scheduling platform can optimize efficiency by matching the closest field technician with the necessary skills to a job and continuing to reorganize schedules throughout the day. Top-shelf scheduling solutions can also ensure the wrench-turner has the parts he or she needs before leaving for a job. Taken together, these tools streamline operations and allow employees to arrive on time to jobs and complete jobs correctly on the first try, leading to better efficiency and customer satisfaction—just about the best combination for any business.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data is one of the buzzwords of the moment and as such, you’ve probably heard or read a little about it. But what you may not know is that field service organizations can benefit tremendously from analytics. A field service team that goes on multiple jobs every day generates a lot of information that can be used to improve operations in the future—if you have the tools to make sense of it.

Business intelligence takes the data and organizes it in a way that helps field service managers optimize routes, scheduling, dispatch, cycle times and more.

Mobile solutions

There are a number of ways time can be saved, or wasted, by technicians once they are in the field. For instance, a worker who is on site with his or her own smartphone or tablet can access complex plans or procedures from the back office from a device agnostic application. If the information cannot be viewed on the device, the technician may have to go back to the truck or call back the office for instructions.

Mobile solutions also allow for bar code scanning and digital signatures of completed work orders, meaning technicians don’t have to fumble around with paperwork and pens and can wrap up a job quickly before heading to the next one.

So if you are concerned your field service employees might not be operating as efficiently as it could be, consider investing in a comprehensive solution that will get your technicians—and your bottom line—when and where you want to go.

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