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Proactive Service Is the Real Future of Field Service

Field service has always taken a reactive approach to addressing issues and garnering customers. When a customer needs electricity or cable or an appliance needs servicing, they are expected to reach out and contact the respective company. The same goes for if something goes wrong.

In order for an organization to fully optimize their workforce, an essential for ensuring higher profit margins and larger competitive edge, they look to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. But there is a ceiling to how much you can improve your efficiency if your system is completely based on a reactive approach.

With all that is trending in field service today, efficiencies are constantly being improved. Social collaboration allows field technicians to communicate with colleagues and customers in real time, making them more informed, and gamification rewards good work and results. These trends all contribute to increased efficiencies. But none of them address the main approach to field service.

But what if you can transform your entire field service approach from a reactive one to a proactive one, a predictive one? What if you can truly increase efficiencies by changing your entire approach to field service? Now, you can. M2M connected service gives field service organizations the ability to have real visibility of their assets in the field. M2M sensors suddenly give your appliances and machines the capability of communicating with each other and your organization. Additionally they can monitor activity and normal ranges, alerting you of issues far before your machinery or appliances actually break.

On their own M2M and the Internet of Things are powerful concepts being implemented throughout the business world. But consider the power of combining M2M technologies with optimized scheduling software. Optimized scheduling software gives field service organizations the power to get the right technicians to the right jobs at the right time with the right skills and equipment. Now add the power to schedule servicing when your appliances or machinery are on the fritz, and know the status of all your assets in real time.

M2M connected service gives you real time visibility, and when integrated with a powerful scheduling engine, it changes the approach to field service entirely. When you can actively schedule and monitor your workforce and assets in real time, you transform your field service from reactive into proactive.

With a proactive approach to field service and to your organization as whole, you can deliver more than expected, delight your customers, reduce your operating costs, and more.

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