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Leveraging The Right Tech for Growth


Customers rely on total experience to gauge whether or not they will become a repeat buyer. They have no issue swapping one brand for another if one fails to meet their level of satisfaction. For example, I get my oil changed at the same auto center every 3,000 miles. There are plenty of places I could go, but I enjoy going there because the employees are friendly, the technicians are knowledgeable, and I’m not stuck waiting in the lobby all day. These factors alone have made me a repeat customer. However, if this experience changed one day, I would have no problem heading to another auto center in hopes of better service. Consistent customer experience is essential to any organization where retaining customers and growth is desired. Here’s how the right technology can keep your customers coming back:

Technology should be a tool for learning.

The kind of behavior mentioned above is not uncommon, especially in the service industry where customers are becoming more discerning. Ultimately, if two competing brands were to deliver the same result at the same price point, the customer would likely choose the brand that provided the better experience. Technology plays a huge role in giving service organizations this edge on their competition. Because service techs are essentially your brand ambassadors in the field, they should be equipped with technology that allows them to become more knowledgeable and confident in their ability to establish an environment of trust and set the bar for customer satisfaction. Tech should essentially teach them how to become more prepared by providing resources for learning. Work order management and parts inventory are useful mobile app features for ensuring they know exactly what’s needed before each service call. Keep in mind, however, that one great service call doesn’t necessarily follow another. Smart service tech must be integrated for the long term to be effective.

Use smart service to yield new opportunities.

The right technology can increase sales and improve business processes. This is where activity tracking and real-time feedback come in handy. Interpret your customer data and satisfaction rates and find out what’s working and what isn’t. While it’s difficult to create tailored solutions to fit each customer, you might come across information that you can use as the foundation of your next service model depending on the kind of relationship you want with your customer. Using technology to create a better customer experience is a key element of driving growth. Most importantly, your field techs will develop a valuable skillset that will allow them to upsell and retain customers in the future.

Choose tech that helps preserve resources.

Technology itself is useless without the right people taking advantage of it. Choose technology that will allow your dispatch team to forecast the amount of technicians and parts needed in the future for certain jobs so your field service reps aren’t wasting time calling for reinforcements. Even though service calls can make or break a customer relationship, the onus to complete the job the first time doesn’t completely rest with the technician. The back office must be equally responsible for providing accurate information and continuous support for their counterpart in the field. Workforce management solutions help reveal a new level of transparency and engagement between field techs and the office team, they encompass every touch point of the entire customer experience and hold each team member accountable. This kind of tech adds value, increases productivity, and boosts morale.

Overall, a consistent customer experience is achieved by sending knowledgeable technicians that use the right technology to figure out exactly what their customer needs and how to provide it. Not sure which technology you should use? Start with ServicePower. ServicePower. is the industry leader in field service management software that improves productivity, decreases costs, and boosts customer satisfaction. Check out their products to learn more.

Source: Nexus Blog

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