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InnovationPower in New Orleans!


ServicePower is hosting its annual user conference in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, September 11 & 12.

Aside from New Orleans being a one of those locations on a lot of bucket lists, what are the top 10 reasons you should join us?


10. New Orleans is really fun.

9. Learn how ServicePower is helping its field service organizations transform their operations into not only more efficient and productive organizations, but turn from reactive repairs to proactive maintenance and service.

8.  Find out how parts distribution can improve the customer experience.

7. Listen to Aly Pinder, from Aberdeen, during his State of the Field Service keynote speech, and learn where best in class field service organizations are heading and what technology they’re using to get there.

6. You can be immersed in British accents for 2 whole days without having to cross the Atlantic.

5. Learn how Smart Scheduling is the best way to intelligently manage field service.

4. Look into our crystal ball and learn what the future holds for field service, and how Smart Cities are leading the way.

3.  Get access to our team of experts and learn how to revolutionize your business with the latest in M2M Connected Services, Smart Scheduling, and mobile technologies.

2. Find out how why more and more field service organizations are migrating to a combined or mixed labor model, and how they manage it effectively.

1. Find out about upcoming innovations in field service so you can plan the next steps in your own revolution.

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Jenniffer L. Breitenstein | Service Power
VP,Global Marketing With a BSBA from the University of Louisville, Jenniffer is a seasoned marketing professional whom has demonstrated success in creating and implementing revenue generating and cost saving products, services and programs, in the retail, manufacturing, third party administration, as well as the service and software industries. She has spent nearly 20+ years working in marketing, sales, partner management, product development and program management roles at companies including Accent Marketing, Service Net Warranty (now AIG Warranty), GE Consumer and Industrial's Warranty Management subsidiary, and later GE Capital. Prior to that, she worked in a number of marketing and management roles in various marketing companies. She is also a Six Sigma certified Green Belt and graduate of GE's Management Development Course.