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4 Ways to Improve Overall Customer Service Engagement

Across any industry, customer success is ultimately what drives a profitable business. However, how do we engage our customers so that they feel empowered to tell us how they feel? And if the overarching theme is that you currently have poor customer service, what can you do in order to better service your customers?

The best of the best understand that nurturing the customer experience goes beyond the initial sale. The customer experience lifecycle never ends and must be curated properly, even if it seems like it is a lot of work. Providing top notch customer service is not going away. Customers are basing their opinions on your company based on online reviews and expanded service options now more than ever. If you don’t believe the stakes are high, just wait:  64% of customers have switched providers due to poor customer service.

If you want to build a strong relationship with your customers, follow these 4 steps to increase overall service engagement.

4 Steps to Customer Success

There are many moving parts that go into a positive customer experience. Allowing for open communication between the customer and business is the easiest way to get feedback, build relationships, and improve your business model. These business aspects can be broken down into 4 focus points: Customer Journey, Increasing Revenue, Positive Customer Experience, and Leveraging Data. Learn more about each step below.

1. Know Your Customer’s Journey

In order for the customer to understand your business, your business is going to have to understand your customer journey. In these modern times, customers expect to easily find the answers to all of their questions and also expect to do it right then and there. That is why having access to a customer portal is imperative for a strong customer and servicer relationship.

Customer portals can be used for a litany of things. Add a chat feature for customer communication right then and there. Create a robust knowledge center that answers frequently asked questions. This saves your employees time while also proving to the customer that you are knowledgeable and are prepared to answer any question in a timely manner.

In the United States, 88% of customers expect brands to have an online self service customer portal. By providing your customers with access to this sort of tool from the start, you are already meeting expectations before even completing the job. Not to mention, customer portals allow for real time communication, so you have unlimited access to feedback on your processes. This also provides an easier way to form solid business relationships with customers and increase your retention rate.

2. Know How to Increase Revenue

Customer satisfaction and an increase in revenue have more of a direct correlation than you may think. Increasing revenue and increasing customer satisfaction does not have to be two separate goals, they can actually go hand in hand. Having easier access to customer communication presents an opportunity for advertising business. Upselling and cross-selling are critical to building long term financial viability. By making more money in these cross promotions, your field service management business can continue to keep prices low and invest in new business initiatives.

A customer portal can proactively promote add-ons, warranties, new technology, and more. Customer portals also make it easier to promote special occasions like year end sales or clearances, which can put an extra penny in the pocket of your business. 

3. Know How to Wow Your Customers

As we mentioned, 88% of customers already expect a customer portal when they sign up for a service. Just having a customer portal is not going to be enough to keep them satisfied. With customer expectations higher than ever, you are also going to want to ensure that your customer feels as if this tool is self-serving. And what do we mean by that?

Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, people want to feel like they are in control of their lives, down to the nitty gritty details, which includes field service work. The benefit of the customer portal is that users can self schedule service appointments, review warranty information, and get real time status updates. With them in control, and with the constant communication that is now put in place, your first time fix rate is guaranteed to go up, which also puts more money in your pocket while increasing customer satisfaction. Gartner predicts that 85% of customer service interactions will start with self-service by 2022- so it is important to get ahead of this trend. 

4. Know How to Use Data to Increase Performance

Having a customer portal also means that you are getting access to more data. You can track your first-time fix rate, KPI’s, customer retention rates, and more with intelligent analytics. This data can help you align and reach your business goals, and even identify customer service gaps. 

Who says you have to wait until next quarter or next year to start fixing gaps in your field service management? When you notice a consistent problem, parameters can immediately be put in place to correct the problem. Listening to the data while also using customer and employee feedback can guarantee to help smooth processes, keep customers happy, and retain contractors.

Investing in field service technology is imperative for a positive customer experience. Your field service workers benefit from technology as well. Mobile portals are beneficial to workers right now as 51% don't have offline mobile access to customer and case information. Invest in technology that makes customer and field service worker communication seamless. Hiding access to your field service team will only hinder the customer experience and the business.  

Customer Service Engagement

Field service work is going to change, but the root of everything your business does should be for the customer. Customer experience is an investment, just like any new technology or employee. If your business continuously studies the data, creates a fluid customer journey, increases revenue and takes time to humanize your consumer base, your field service business will continue to thrive year after year.  By prioritizing connected field service you are investing in better customer experiences and a better business.

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